1-22-12 Sunday (Bride Of Man Stuffing His Face)

Today is snow tubing day at Hawksnest in Seven Devils, NC.  Due to rain they were closed Saturday.  This morning we checked the website for updates several times.  Eventually this update appeared:


So with snow pants, gloves and hats packed, we drove approximately 2 hours.  We stopped off for lunch at Canyons of the Blue Ridge, a place we liked last year.  We liked the food and the view.  Unfortunately, there was so much fog, it was difficult seeing 20 feet out ahead.  I just imagined we were up in the clouds.  Smile 

I looked across the room and spotted this woman and her husband:


I thought of this:


What can I say?  Her hair was very tall, almost egg shaped.  Poor thing.  Bless her heart.

Onward to the snow tubing!  We arrived and were disappointed by the scene.  No snow.  Just the man-made snow on the actual course.

2012-01-22 002

We entered the parking lot and saw some people who were getting ready to leave.  We asked how it was.  They said it was getting slushy and people were getting stuck half way down but they had fun.  At $30 a person, Jim and I decided to skip it.  We watched some tubers and confirmed it wouldn’t be as fun.  Just to prove we were there (and because we’re a cute couple):

2012-01-22 004

We decided that despite the 2 our drive each way, the conversation and the scenic ride were worth it.  We managed to plan a vacation.  Virginia in May/June, details are being worked out.  Anyway, we stopped at a huge antique store and browsed.  We then stopped at a gay friendly campground called Starlite Trailer Lodge to check out their property.  We may consider it as weekend getaway in the future.  I’m not sure.

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