1-25-12 Wednesday (Calculate A Higher Return)

I swapped with a coworker to have the morning off so that the plumber, drywall people and trim/molding guy could make repairs. 

The plumber needs to fix the caulk (again) at the master tub spout.  I think the spout is too loose too.

The trim guy needs to replace baseboard from the floor repair a couple of weeks ago.

The drywall people needs to patch various holes from the previous water leaks and some nail pops.   Jim wants to leave the cut outs for the plumbing just in case.  He’ll later trim it out to make it more attractive in both linen closets.  In exchange for not fixing the 2 plumbing cut outs, we’ll have them fix the old dinette fixture spot as well as where Jim had to fish the speaker wires into the wall.

Everyone arrived just about at the same time.  That’s good I suppose, although I felt like a party host trying to juggle guests.  The drywall guys didn’t have any drywall.  Really.  Basically they “weren’t told about the size of the hole” so they left to go to some of the other construction sites on the block and see if there was any around.

The plumber accessed the pipes in the wall, made the spout tighter, I think he trimmed the pipe, not sure and then recaulked.


I’ve been kind of down on work lately.  Sometimes I feel like there’s so many obstacles at my job to make a sale or make incentive.  They calculated incentive for the past quarter and it didn’t look right to me.  With the help of my coworker, Ja-Nessa, I found about $800.  That’s a lot of money.  There’s so many of us that don’t double check and I wonder how much we’re losing as a result?  Unfortunately, I had no idea how to manually calculate my numbers which describes many of us on the sales floor.

It’s so important that we have great customer satisfaction surveys.  On a scale of 1-5, only a 5 counts.  A 4 or less = 0.  Do you know how many people don’t always give top scores?  Unfortunately, too many 4’s equate to 0 incentive no matter how hard I worked for it.  I call it “incentive control”.

Meanwhile, a wonderful panel of people sit around all day listening to some of my calls, waiting to score me down for missing a word in my script.  Maybe they’ll catch me forgetting some obscure ever-changing rule published in a database that’s difficult to navigate.  Another form of “incentive control”.  I often joke that I might get scored down if I wasn’t rubbing my tummy and spinning around while citing special disclosures to my client. Don’t laugh, I think it happens.

I try to think about the great aspects of my job.  Let’s see, having one to begin with is a plus I suppose.  I like that I don’t have to get all dressed up like I’m going to Walmart or something.


There’s other negatives that I can’t discuss here because they’d be to specific.

I can easily take time off of work.  I can leave early or come in late with little penalty.  The pay scale is fair.   I like my coworkers.  I’ve made friends at work.  It’s close to home.  Sure, there’s a lot of plusses but also a lot of room for improvement. 



Anyway, Saturday night is Chima Brazilian Steakhouse!  It’s the 2nd and last restaurant we’re doing for Restaurant Week.  Stay tuned!


  1. I can relate to your job situation. I feel the same way about mine too. In these times it seems like employers know how hard it is to get a job so they treat employees bad because employers know we really can't go anywhere. Hang in there and enjoy your dinner. I love when we have restaurant week here too.

    1. Bastards! I wonder if it will ever change though.

  2. They do the same at AT&T, regarding the check list. One little oversight results in a big fat zero and a possible "PIP". (Progress Improvement Program) It's awful. They started that after I left that dept, thank goodness. I would have cut my throat (or their's) for giving me a zero because I skipped a word. Wow, how petty. I don't follow scripts well. Good luck Garrett, before you know it you'll be retired, really.

    1. It's all about incentive control. The hard thing about it all is that sometimes you have to remember that a script exists for a specific situation and then have to search for it. Oy.

  3. FIRST: stealing that photo/quote...possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen.
    SECOND: Have fun tonight! We have a place called the Brazilian Grill not far from us in Hyannis on Cape Cod and it's amazing...those Brazilians know their beef. ;)

    1. It was yummy! AND I didn't over eat. AND I weigh .2 less than I did yesterday morning before the steakhouse!


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