3-8-15 Sunday (Incubation)

saturdayWhat a week.  It’s over.  I had my panel interview (2/23/15) for that Underwriter 2 position.  It went well.  I guess it went well enough that the next day they called and made me a sizeable offer.  I have an issue with the hours though.  Every Saturday to most every Saturday doesn’t appeal to me.  Unfortunately, I’m not willing to give up my Saturdays for any price.  I stalled the recruiter and negotiated with my current department.    Negotiations went into the following week.

On Thursday (2/26/15) we suffered through Snowmaggedon.  It started Wednesday evening.  Big, fluffy white flakes.  This time, no ice storm, just snow.  We were all set for a 2 hour delayed started so that was nice.  I slept in and then off to work we went.  The roads were slushy; that’s about it.  It was great snowman snow.

I didn’t pass my first 5 income case studies so that sucked.  I got 3 out of 5 right.  4 out of 5 is required to pass.  They were stupid, stupid mistakes. 

Friday night?  Off to Augusta for the weekend we went.  On Saturday, 2 different guys were supposed to come out and give us estimates on terra-forming our site, well building it up, for a future roof over.  One missed the appointment time and the other “called in sick”. 

The next week was weather-uneventful.  I did pass my next set of income case studies so that’s a relief.  I passed 5 out of 5 this time.  I was extra careful.

promoI did get my promotion to an Underwriter 2 so that was nice.   With a promotion, I got a raise but wasn’t able to get nearly the amount I was offered. Go me, somewhat.  I turned down the other position and received a “glad you can stay hug” from my boss’ boss and her boss.  It was really, really nice to be wanted and appreciated.  I wished it was more financially appreciated, but a hug is nice.

On Wednesday (3/4/15) I went to OrthoCarolina for a look at my leg/back/spine/whatever. I was X-Ray’d and then examined.  The doctor said I have a bulging disc (already known since MRI 1/2/14) and a pinched nerve.  I need a shot into the spine which is done at another office.  I think it’s Cortisone.   After the shot, I have a followup appointment 3 weeks later.  If I still have pain, I’d need a disc removed.  I’m so freaked.  I don’t even want to talk about it.  As soon as I mention things like this to people I start hearing the good and the bad stories.  It just makes me upset.

MRI Lumbar Lateral 01-02-14 - Edited

My shot is scheduled for Monday and Jim has to take me. I guess some people feel sick or whatever so they don’t want me to to drive.  I’m so excited to get rid of the pain, it’s like Christmas or something.

I’m worried about Dasher.  Aside from the cancer/age spots on him, and a cyst on his back hind area, and Insulinoma (insulin secreting tumor of the pancreas, he peed in the bed Friday morning.  Yep, at 5:59am (my alarm is set for 6am), he stood at the foot of the bed and peed.  Right on through to the comforter, sheets and mattress pad.  He’s never done that, especially in front of us.  I guess he really had to go but wondering if it’s a sign of something else.  We’ll see what happens this weekend.

We left work early on Friday and headed to Augusta.  Nothing special, we just thought a little extra time would be nice.

Walmart is a great source for strange photos.  Here’s a couple from Saturday. It’s an incubator just sitting there.  No signs, just a trophy on the top of it that could somewhat, loosely, be associated with an incubator.  My brain went into overload, thinking of scenarios of why it’s there. 

“No time to shop with a preemie at home?  Bring it in and incubate while you shop.   Now at Walmart.”

-- “Ever since our dog ate my last preemie, it’s just not safe for our little Jimmy to stay home by his self.  Now I can take him along, throw him in that ink-u-thing and get my shoppin’ done reaaaaaal fast like.”   -- Eunice Ann (A real Walmart customer from the trailer park behind the store)

2015-03-07 011

2015-03-07 010

It was a fun and relaxing weekend.

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