3-28-15 Saturday (They Don’t Know)

Monday was my first weigh in day.  Now remember, I started mid week on Wednesday…  I lost 4.6 pounds!  Yeah yeah, maybe it was a first week water weight loss thingy or something like that but don’t be so negative and steal my thunder.  I was still excited.   My only cheat for the partial week was a Red Robin bacon American cheeseburger…  But…  I did get bottomless broccoli instead of fries. AND, I used only 3 of my weekly point allowance.  I’m going to try not to use any of them.  I’m also going to try not to blog about Weight Watchers so much.  I don’t want to obsess about it.  I’ll probably just put my weigh in info is all.  I will also share that my beginning weight was 231!  The heaviest I’ve ever been. 

Moving on. 

During my last post I told you we picked up season passes from Carowinds.   This weekend is their opening weekend.  Friday night they were open 5pm – 10pm as a special sneak peek for season pass holders.  It was their 1st day open.  Before a start Bitchfest 2015, I want you to know that we both left work a little early to come here (Carowinds, not the blog, sheesh).  We both enjoyed the rides.  This was also the opening weekend for their new world’s tallest, fastest, greenest, prettiest, smoothest, lightest, or whatever rollercoaster (I may or may not have added extra adjectives in there.), Fury 325

fury_layout_zoom(Click to bigger-ize)

We love roller coasters although as we’ve gotten older, we need more time to recover from each ride’s queasiness.  Anyway, I now present to you, The Rant.

Rant Cloud Animated - Slow

I made these notes on my phone throughout our visit.  I cleaned them up a little to make more sense but they’re a lot of short simple sentences:

We purchased a refillable drink cup online.  We printed the barcoded email with the instructions to present to pickup the prepaid cup.  1st drink place at the entrance having issues. Referred us to Cinnabon.  Went to Cinnabon.  People don't know about the drink cup email we had that shows we prepurchased a refillable drink cup.  Manager shows her.  Problem with certificate.  To customer service.  Was told, sorry, they just fixed all of the certificates in the computer.  Free drink voucher for the trouble.  Back to Cinnabon.  Ask for indoor dining (it’s cold and raining and we haven’t had dinner yet).  She only knew about one at the main entrance (Harmony Hall).  Not sure about the other places.  Went on rides.  Hurler got stuck. When it started working again I asked a maintenance guy if it was working.  Was told they're learning the controls.   2 more rides conquered.  To Chickie Petes which is an indoor dining place we stumbled on. Asked if there was another indoor place with healthier options like salads or grilled chicken.  She said not sure but Harmony Hall was indoors.  (That was too far at this point)   She said meal plan not good here.  Showed her map with the dining plan key. (purple stars):

food map

She got manager.  Manager says they take it. Meanwhile a couple next to us had the same issues.  Asked if fries came with meal. Yes.  Couldn't get order to zero. Another manager comes.  She starts over.  Pickup window.  No fries. No water.  Manager helps.  Ask woman sweeping where bathrooms are. She says she thinks they've over there but not sure. I asked you aren't sure. She says she doesn't know.  Ride afterburner.  Exit. Looking for our photo on the screens along with others.  People are pointing and saying “I don’t see us”.  Finally clerk says photos are down.  Victory Lane - asked how much to get Fast Lane upgrades since we have season passes. She said she didn't know. They hadn't released the prices yet.  World Funnel Cake place. Didn't think they were on the dining plan. Showed them map that said they were on it. They said their register wasn't set up for that.  Asked for a manager.  Got a funnel cake. </end rant>

I had 3 bites, don’t judge.  I did stop in at the customer service building on our way out of the park.  I spoke with a manager and read her my list of events.  She apologized and gave me the number for the corporate office.

I later found out, Saturday morning during blog post research mode, that the participating restaurants aren’t on the map.  They’re on the website only.  ARGH!  So no one knew that?  I also found out that all the places I listed above that I more or less forced to take our meal plan didn’t know either.  At one place, even the manager said they take it.  I have now printed to a PDF the list of participating restaurants and their locations and have put it into my phone for future visits.  I shake my head.

Saturday night was awesome.  We had 5 friends over for dinner.  Here’s what Anne created:


Aside from the Charcuterie board above, Anne also made her famous and delicious stuffed mushrooms.

Here’s another photo. Beth, Angie and Jim.


What a great time!  Unfortunately, I only took a couple of photos.  That’s what happens when I’m busy cooking. 

I made a marinated Polynesian inspired flank steak on the grill.  Some roasted rosemary red potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts.   Angie brought a German chocolate cake.  I had 3 bites. 

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