3-15-15 Sunday (Lounging With A Taco)

OK, let’s kick this off with some photos I’ve had on my phone. 

2/14/15 at the Augusta WifeSaver

2015-02-14 008

Now you know I’d never take a picture of someone and make fun of them.  It’s just not right to mention the hideous head of hair on this one.  So instead, I’ll give you a tour of one of our favorite LOCAL (7 locations) chains called WifeSaver.  We LOVE their chicken tenders and I love their fried pork shop sandwich. 

2015-02-14 006

So, here’s the soda machines.

2015-02-14 007

I forgot to take photos of the other areas of the restaurant.  Oh well.

Speaking of seats (work with me), get a look at these.  I go to Taco bell maybe 2-3 times a year.  One day I went for lunch and here’s what I saw.

2015-02-27 009

It’s like waiting room furniture in the middle of the dining room.  Who wants to slouch over a coffee table to eat their meal?  Fail.

Just for fun, instead of providing the Taco Bell link, here’s one with Taco Bell related funnies.  You’re welcome.



OK so here’s how the spinal injection went on Monday, 3/9/15.

steroidWe had a short consultation with the doctor.  He gave me the typical expectations, procedures and warnings.  I changed into shorts, left Jim in the exam room and off to the procedure room I went.  I laid face-down on a table.  My skin was prepped.  I felt a little burn when the local anesthetic was administered but nothing more than the pinch/burn felt when it’s given in the mouth by a dentist.  Next, a contrasting solution is given.  This helps them see the spine during their fluoroscopy (live X-ray) use.  Next is the steroid.  I felt some pressure on the spine and with a groan the doctor would pause, allow the pressure to subside and then inject more.  A Band-Aid and a walk back to the exam room finished the process.  I’d say it was all about a half hour.


I took the remainder of the day off.  I pretty much vegged.  Jim worked from home.  I’m sure I could have managed to work, but I really just wanted to relax and allow the steroid to work it’s magic.

heelsThe next morning I was able to tie my shoes without much pain.  Yay.  Unfortunately, the next days after that I felt like I was heading downhill again.  Overall I think it’s a little better.  I was told the biggest change is 24-72 hours and then can take up to 3 weeks for the full affect.  Meanwhile I’m on day 5 as I type this.  I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks so we’ll see what happens.  Maybe I need a second round?  I certainly don’t want to skip to disc removal surgery.  Oy.

Here’s a 90 second animated video that shows how the procedure is done. 


The word Payday circled in red marker on a calendar to remind you of the date you receive your wagesWork is going.  We’ve been busy and taking Monday off put me behind so I’ve worked my ass of this week trying to catch up.  I did have 2 more evaluations done regarding my income training and I passed those so I’m officially W2, paystub, 1099 and retirement income calculation savvy.  Well not really.  I’m still way confused on some of it but it will all become clear in the future with practice.

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