4-12-15 Sunday (Intensities)

carowindsI’m a little behind.  Not like a little ass.  I mean, behind with blogging.  I’ve been busy.  So I’m going to have to just sum up the past couple of weeks.  Carowinds has been a big part of it.  A few days after our craptastic first visit to Carowinds, I received a call from the Food and Beverage Manager.  He went on to say that he was sorry about my visit and wanted to know what he could offer me to make it right.  I was a little put off with that at first since I wasn’t complaining to get something out of it.  I also was expecting to get feedback from him.  Maybe a what happened or what they’re doing to ensure things like this don’t happen again.  So I replied that I didn’t need/want anything.  Tangent: too many people expect compensation when something doesn’t go right.  Bad meal should equal a free meal, definitely.  But there’s some things that just warrant a warm, sincere apology.  I wasn’t feeling that from this guy. End tangent.  As we spoke about some of the issues, the conversation went really well.  He said that they were working on clarifying the meal plan and that they added the funnel cake (which I can’t eat) from the Funnel Cake place and the Philly cheesesteak from Chickie’s and Pete’s (the 2 places we had issues with).  I mentioned I was disappointed with the lack of healthy choices on the meal plan.  I asked why salads couldn’t be part of the deal.  He said other’s had mentioned that so they added 4 salads and some wraps as well.  This was the type of reply/info I was looking for.  Action.  And so, a happy ending.

turkey burgerIn the meantime, since it was Spring break, the park was open until 8pm each night.  So, when we got home from work, we’d drive the 45 minutes to the park, go on a ride or 2 and then have dinner.  We did this about 4 or 5 times (I’ve lost count).  Unfortunately, 3 times in a row they were out of turkey burgers.  On visit 4 and 5 or so I didn’t even ask for them. 

The park has 11 roller coasters.  I think we have one left to do.  The lines have been short and fast.  It’s all been a much better experience there.  The new roller coaster, Fury 325 was… intense.  I think I kept saying “oh shit” a million times.  It was off the chain.  The park’s similar coaster is Dale Earnhardt’s Intimidator which wasn’t as fast or as tall but definitely was an “oh shit” ride.  Intense.  Intense.  On Fury 325 I did buy one of those magnet photos of us.  I scanned it but the quality isn’t that great.

Fury325Above: Unknown, Garret, Jim, freak with his arms up.

Yes, thank you, I am aware that I have the pinching a loaf face.  It was intense.  Have I mentioned that?

2015-04-03 004

mentorOther news.  Work = I’ve been selected to be a mentor for a new hire class that starts this Monday.  I was honored to be selected. I’m an nerd, what can I say?   There’s several mentors.  The new hires will learn in class and then practice or observe with us for a few hours a week.  I’m not sure about their experience level.  Will I be helping someone with systems more so than underwriting itself?  Will it be mostly about our underwriting guidelines?  A mixture of all?  I’m not sure.  I will say that they have a particular curriculum and even have a calendar with structured learning subjects and events.  I’ll start the process at the end of the week.  It looks well thought out.  It will look nice on my résumé!  

Easter was great.  We went over to Beth’s house. 

I didn’t take many photos but here’s what I got:

2015-04-05 007Above: Beth’s Mom, sister Angie and Beth

2015-04-05 005Above: Ann made a beautifully plated salad.

2015-04-05 006Above: Bunny bread from the Great Harvest Bread place.

Well, I didn’t get this posted last week so I guess I should do that and start another one.


  1. You didn't mention how much weight you have lost? All those roller coasters must have blown some weight off !!

    1. I've lost 12 pounds so far. :-)

    2. So proud of you !!!!! I am not doing as well. 5 so far..........

  2. Gawd, I saw the video they released right before opening Fury, and I'll I can say is, I'm impressed you're still alive and functional! lol


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