2-12-14 Wednesday (Trailer Upgrades)

Dear Diary,

Today I saw quarterback Frank, he’s sooooo dreamy.

health insuranceOoops, wrong blog.  On Wednesday (that was the 5th in case you need to check the calendar), I went to the dentist for a cleaning.  The receptionist tells me that my insurance had expired (it was Jim’s) when they called Monday to verify coverage.  I told them I had Cobra, but she needed to know a number, another number and a phone number.  Panicked, I called Jim.  He didn’t know the plan # and all that so I had to reschedule the appointment.  I don’t know that I’ve ever had to deal with Cobra and therefore don’t really know what I’m doing. I suspect the dentist office may know a lot more about Cobra than I do and might just be familiar with how it works, what I need to do, etc.   So why not call me when you make the shocking discovery that my insurance has ended and you might need new info?  Why not guide me a little and perhaps I could have gotten it rectified prior to my appointment and maybe not waste your time slot now.  Now I have to reschedule for weeks out once again.  (Sorry for the rant, Dr. Dave).

no-readingLater in the day, Jim calls whoever he needs to and they tell him we have to pay for it and get reimbursed by X (Jim’s former employer).  This was part of his severance package, why is it so complicated?  After the call he read (who reads?  Smile) that it’s very complicated and is some sort of strange reimbursement deal but only up to a certain amount when the moon is full on Tuesday’s on the fifth cycle of Juhykl, a holy day for gerbils of the stars.  He was told Cobra is paid so he never questioned how and we just went on with life.  Now we find it in some cryptic text better left in the ruins of an ancient civilization.  Luckily he’s working, I’m working, so we can get insurance coverage instantly due to a “life event”.

7313115-birthday-gifts-and-decoration-ready-for-birthday-partyThis weekend (on Saturday) we went to Hickory, NC to look at a new(er) trailer.  A 2007.  I’ll provide photos, schematics, life histories, blood samples and DNA results if we go through with the purchase.  We looked at some brand new trailers that we absolutely love but are twice the price.  My birthday is coming up, well in 4 months, that gives you plenty of time.  Any takers?

We plan to consign the motorhome.  We really can’t be bothered with the whole negotiating and showing it.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  We may do a few updates to it prior to it’s sale.  Stayed tuned.

So in my quest to ditch cable TV, I have made it easy to plug Jim’s laptop into the TV.  I have an extra power cable, and an HDMI cable on hand.  I purchased a cheap ($8) remote control on Amazon.  It works OK.  Jim said maybe a wireless mouse would work better.  I might just try that.  The reason I’m telling you all of this is to show you the packaging.  It’s hilarious and in Engrish.  It’s reminiscent of the “protable” scale directions I purchased.  The instructions are hilarious but you knew that already since I mentioned it a sentence or 2 ago.

remote packagingAbove: Clicking on the photo above will slaughter baby unicorns open a new window (not like in your house or something) and embiggen it so you can read it.  Go ahead, give it a click.  You know you want to.

Wednesday was a half day for Jim and I.  The snow was falling fast and heavy.  I got out at 11:30 and he was off at about 12:30ish.  For entertainment, surfing the internet and watching season 1 of American Horror Story.

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