2-20-14 Thursday (We Have 4-Wheel Drive, You Don’t, Na Na Na Na)

Work was closed for both Jim and I on Thursday.  It got pretty bad out there as evident from the news coverage.  We watched a neighbor trying to leave their home only make it 1 block.  They got stuck and had to drive back home in reverse.  We watched more people attempt to leave the neighborhood unsuccessfully.  Jim decided to venture out.  I stayed home.  I think he just wanted all the neighbors to see him leave and return in our 4 wheel drive vehicles. 

Our power flickered at one point but managed to stay on.  So many people lost power.  I don’t know what we would have done without computers and TV!  We spent the day lounging around, surfing the internet, watching TV, and even a nap.

Here’s our snow.

I didn’t take many photos but here’s my best one.


My wonderful HTC Thunderbolt phone became very slow several months ago.  I uninstalled apps, ran utilities and eventually found out that a lot of people were having this issue after an operating system update.  Some say it was corrected after resetting the phone back to factory specs, others said it didn’t help.  I never tried the reset.  The phone has other issues such as a muffled earpiece and mic.  I have insurance on it and it would be replaced for $100 if I “lost it”.  We went into Verizon with hopes of renewing our contract so that we could get 2 new $90,000 phones for just a $100 or so.  So after picking out new phones we found out that our grandfathered unlimited data plan would not carry over.  We need that plan.  We tether our phone to our laptops for internet in Augusta on weekends.  The connection is so awesome that we can effortlessly stream youtube or Pandora without an issue.  So we bailed on a new contract.

A few months later, my phone continues to annoy me so I check for a new one.  VERY pricey.  I check eBay and found a seller with a phenomenal feedback score selling refurbished Samsung Galaxy 3 phones for $230.

bid allies

I purchased.  I received.  Due to weather issues, the 2 days shipping (I didn’t pay for shipping) took 4 days.  The new phone takes a SIM card that is much smaller than my old Thunderbolt.  I went to Verizon to get the SIM card replaced.  They were very helpful but the sales guy discovered the phone was on the lost/stolen list and they wouldn’t turn it on.  I contacted the seller who said that I should call Verizon advanced tech support.  I did so; they said they couldn’t turn it on.  The seller sent me another phone.  I’m a little annoyed… OK a lot.  It’s been a week to get this resolved and as of Friday (USPS.com shows it’s in NJ) I still don’t have the phone.  They were receptive but wouldn’t send me a new phone until they receive the old one OR I can authorize another phone and then get them to refund it when they receive the “stolen/lost” one.  I went ahead and did that.  The delayed time was due to messages back and forth to get the situation resolved. 

This past weekend, Jim took Monday off for a 3 day weekend and went to Atlanta to visit family. I had to work Saturday.  While in Atlanta, Jim went to look at a 5th wheel RV that I found online.  I love it.  It’s more money than the trailer we looked at in Hickory, NC - BUT it’s also 2 years newer and has more of what we wanted and doesn’t need any work.  The dealership is very busy so they schedule their paperwork signing/deliveries.  The next available is Saturday 3/1.  We’ll drive to Augusta the night before as typical for our usual weekend getaways but we’ll get up early and head to Atlanta to make the purchase. 

2009 Gulf Stream Mako 33 FSBI

It’s got a huge kitchen (for an RV).  Here’s a photo from the dealer’s website.

Kitchen-dining-living 2

I’ll show ya more in another post.  I’m excited.  We’re got a dealer recommended transport guy scheduled to take it to Augusta for us.

That’s it for this post.  I leave you with this snapshot of a car in front of me the other day.

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and no, it’s not a leap year.


  1. When you gonna drive that thing up north and visit Cape Cod?


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