2-2-14 Sunday (A Single Is One)

Jim started his new job.  So far so good.  There’s a few bumps in the road we’re going to have to live with for now.  His schedule is 9:30 – 6:30.  Mine is 8-5.  I can change my schedule but I really don’t want to.  Getting home early means I can get some stuff around the house done, start dinner or just have some me time.  He also has to work 11-8 on Thursdays and alternate on some Fridays. 

The pros?  Well, he has a job with no gaps from his previous job.  Pay is similar.  He and I can have lunch and see each other at work.  He’s like 300’ away from me.  Our company is good to it’s employees.  His travel time went from 40 minutes to 10 minutes each way.  This also saves a ton on gas.

We had lunch a few times this week.  It was a nice change for me because I tend to just eat at my desk and work.  Basically, giving the company free labor.  I do it out of boredom I suppose.  Now Jim and I will eat lunch and then take a walk around the complex. 

On Wednesday, we had 1-2 inches of snow.  As typical, it partially melted and became ice.  We seem to get ice storms here.  It’s only once a year, if that.  This year it caused a lot of issues in Atlanta (as you probably saw on the news) and in Charlotte, some issues.  Our neighborhood and the road to our development is very winding and hilly.  This made for a few fender benders and treacherous driving. 

It was strange how the weather affected the same company, differently.  They delayed my work hours until 10am.  Jim’s was normal.  A friend who works downstairs in business banking had the whole day off, and others were told not to come in until 11.  It’s interesting and often frustrating that different departments “value the safety of our employees” differently than others. 

On Friday night, when Jim came home from work, I pretty much had dinner ready.  We ate, and then took off to Augusta.  Unfortunately we didn’t get there until 10pm.  After we unpacked and settled in, I was pretty much tired and we went to bed.  It’s like we wasted a night or something. 

Saturday was a relaxing day.  We had lunch at Farmhaus Burger.  The place was so busy, we waited in line for a while.  It’s our second time here.  The last time I loved the burger flavor… a nice blend of meats.  Jim wasn’t as excited.  This time we both agreed that it’s pricey (which isn’t an issue if it’s a to-die-for meal) and not awesome.  I still like Five Guys and Red Robin better.  Why keep searching for a better burger if we think those are awesome?  I’m not sure, but we do.

While departing Farmhaus and using the crosswalk like a good law abiding citizen, we heard the crosswalk speak Southern.  I took my phone and recorded it.  I tried uploading to Youtube but it detects no video and then rejects the file.  I had to make a “movie” out of it for Youtube to accept it.  I hope you appreciate my hard work!  It’s only 13 seconds long.

“Wait! Walk sign is on to cross Broad Street.”

Later in the day, a conversation about burgers with Wayne and Bob led to a recommendation to try Gary’s Burgers (no website). We roped Jeff and Craig into joining us who enjoyed the wings and chicken tenders.  Jim and I got burgers.  They were pretty good but didn’t win over our 2 favorites.  The staff was very, very friendly.  The funniest thing, Jim ordered a double and I ordered a single.  Before the order was finalized, I said to Jim, “I wonder how much of a size difference the single and double is.”  He was sweet enough to immediately volley that question off the cashier.  He asked, “what’s the difference between the single and the double?”  She replied, ready, she replied, “Well (all Southern-like), the single is one patty and the double is two.”  I didn’t even laugh (until later).  I was shocked.  Once we all got to the table, we had a great time with that.  Jim did re-ask his question as, “what’s the difference in size”?  She replied, “Each patty is one fourth of a pound.”  Now why she didn’t say “quarter pound”, I’ll never know.

Sunday’s drive back was uneventful.  We got home, unpacked, grocery shopped and then went out for dinner AGAIN.  Since we don’t watch football, the Super Bowl is a perfect time to get into an otherwise busy restaurant.


  1. That crossing signal needs freakin' subtitles...what language is that? ;)

    1. Funny you asked. I should subtitle it for sure. Gonna update the blog....

  2. The night arrival isn't a waste at all. It means you were able to get up and start the day the next morning instead of spending time driving there that morning. I, personally, think it's brilliant.


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