1-26-14 Sunday (A Food Post)

This week was Jim's last unemployed week.  He worked on adding shelving to the master closet.  When we had the house built, we specified the height of the shelving (up high) knowing that we’d add another row below in the future.  2 and something years later, Jim added more shelving.  It looks great and we definitely have more room than we need.  Shoes are much more organized too.  I don’t have a before photo so I don’t think you’d appreciate the after.

Friday night we went to Nom Nom Burger, with Groupon in hand (of course), for dinner.  Jim didn’t research it prior to the purchase so we had no idea it was an Asian burger place.  Yes, really.  Checkout the website.  Click on the menu and then on each burger to see the description… very unique. 

I ordered the Kalbi.


I asked what Kimchi is and was told it was very spicy cabbage.  I got that on the side and I’m very glad I did.  It definitely had a kick.  My side was a very zesty French fry.   It’s not on the menu but it had seasonings on it and was drizzled with a red spicy chili sauce.  That sauce was very hot.  Luckily there’s barely any on the fry but definitely more than adequate.  Overall a different and tasty meal.

Jim had the Katsu.


I was going to get this but the orange marmalade turned me away.  It turned out that the onions are caramelized IN the ginger orange marmalade and so it’s not a strong flavor.  Jim said he didn’t taste orange but rather the entire burger flavor which was really good.  He had sweet potato fries with his.  We have to come back since we have another Groupon but we’re happy about that.  It’s a 30 minute trip to get there which isn’t awful.  This is a place we’d bring guests who appreciate “different” foods.

Saturday night was our bi-annual trip to Chima!  Oh my gawd is this some fabulous meat.  In attendance: Ruby & Jamie, Beth, Robin and Deanna.  I won’t post all about Restaurant Week and Chima since I do that twice a year.  If you have no clue as to what I’m talking about, click here and read my previous posts about Chima.

Sunday night?  Restaurant Week again.  Holy crap, such awesome food as Ruth’s Chris.  With us was Beth, Anne, Angie and Dr. Dave. 

Sorry I was so busy stuffing my face, I forgot to take photos.  Especially at Chima, I was going to pass my camera around the table for all of us to snap photos.  It was a huge round table with a lazy Susan in the middle.  I should have popped the camera on that thing.  Maybe next Restaurant Week. 

We skipped Augusta this week.  Jim starts work on Monday.

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