11-6-12 Tuesday (I Is A College Student)

I went to school today.  Really.  I took an 8 hour class at the college for just under 100 bucks. 


Most of it was interesting but some of it was geared toward helping students repair credit, build credit, or even maintain credit.  I was there for the underwriting/lender view of it all.  I’m trying to get into the underwriting business and it’s tough to get in… even in my own company that I already work for.  Jim had suggested these courses to take and look favorable on a resume. 

This was our “text book”:


Next Saturday I’ll take a Title Insurance class too!


Jim did some major shopping while I was at school.  He hit a couple of Goodwill stores and Marshalls and then some outlet stores in the mall.  He came home with quite the haul.  He was sweet to think of me.  Amongst other things, he got me this hat:

2012-11-03 001

The professor mentioned that SC Department of Revenue had recently gotten attacked:

The S.C. Department of Revenue announced on October 26, 2012 that approximately 3.6 million Social Security numbers, 387,000 credit and debit card numbers and 657,000 business tax filings have been exposed in a cyber-attack. 

Naturally I filed state income taxes one year during the excruciatingly awful 7 months I worked at AAA Care Care.  I guess I’ll have to sign up for their free identity theft protection.  Hackers suck.

Sunday while I Target, it was clear to me as to why I’m fat:

2012-11-04 019

Yes, that’s a giant fork…

At work, there’s 2 bathrooms close to one another.  When one is closed for cleaning, the other is available.  1 men’s room has urinals and the other doesn’t.  The first time I used the non-urinal restroom with 4-5 stalls, I thought I was in the ladies room.  Another time while using that restroom I spotted this:

2012-11-05 006

That really freaked me out.  I’ve remained silent all these years because, well, every time I’m in that restroom I don’t have my phone with me, it’s at my desk.  Sometimes if there’s people in the restroom, I don’t particularly want to snap photos in the stall either.  On this particular day, the ambiance was good.  Smile

On Tuesday we redeemed a coupon, Groupon or other type of discount thingamajiggy for carpet cleaning.  It’s been a year so it was time.  Beth’s sister, Anne, came and carpet-cleaner-people sat.  When I got home they felt so wet.  Somehow or another they were dry by bedtime.  I was a little worried about that.

I voted and I have proof:

2012-11-06 008


  1. Awwwww, you get stickers??? :)

    1. Yes we do. Even in Florida we got stickers. Some day I hope they hand out sticker books too. You don't get stickers? You got robbed.

    2. We don't get squat! But I go anyway. Re: the giant fork...around here, in the 70s, a LOT of people had a giant wooden fork & spook on their kitchen walls as decorations. In fact, on the show "Everybody Loves Raymond," his parents have them on their kitchen wall and the mother says something about them in one episode that they've been hanging there since 1963! I always thought they were the coolest thing. My "rich" aunt & uncle had them in their kitchen & I remember asking my mother if we could get some for our house and her giving me the most bizarre look, like I was crazy for wanting such a tacky thing. I actually still think they're pretty cool. :)

    3. Norma... Kitchen Witches! Remember? Hideous things but such a fad.

    4. I do remember those (wanted one!) and I wrote about them on my blog a few months ago, I can't remember why. I know I got to go to my cousin's fiancee's bridal shower when I was about 10 and she got one, and I was quite envious of it.


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