11-13-12 Tuesday (Don’t Get Snotty With Me)

On Wednesday I unintentionally created a dining disaster.  Meatloaf, brussel sprouts, and fresh homemade mashed potatoes… what could go wrong?

The meatloaf tasted rancid.  It was the 4th or so loaf from a large batch so I can only assume it went “bad” while defrosting.  The potatoes were over cooked thereby creating a gross instant mashed potato like affect.  Adding gravy to them simply further insulted them.  The brussells?  Well the last time I made them they were pretty bland.  This time I guess I went too heavy on the Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.  They were so salty surely I could have sustained a tropical fish aquarium.  What you see in the photo was what each of us threw away.  The disposal had a delightful meal. (BURP!)

2012-11-07 012

Jim finished packing for his Michigan trip and then we went out for our replacement dinner meal.  We went to a pizzeria that’s fairly new and ordered onion rings and split a Philly Cheesesteak.  We ordered it with mayo and lettuce.  Of course it didn’t come the way we ordered it.  Jim went back up to the counter to get mayo.  They gave him a ginormous cup of mayo.  What a waste.  The food was unimpressive.  It was definitely better than the dinner I made…

2012-11-07 014

On Thursday, Jim left work a little early and went straight to the airport for his flight to Michigan.  It just so happened that our friend’s Beth and Anne were going to Vegas and flying out a half hour later or earlier in Jim so they met up in the airport.  Funny.

It was my first night of Jim’s trip that I was alone.  Dasher intermittently barked.  He’d run downstairs.  He was restless.  He doesn’t typically bark in the house.  This surely put me on edge.  The house made noises.  Well, I assume it was the house.  Dasher’s ears would perk up.  He’d stare at the hallway.  I kept looking down the hallway.  I got up the courage to walk downstairs like a horror movie idiot.  I rationalized the scenario in my head.  It didn’t help.  I’m still alive, no break-in, nada. 

If you remember, I had a phone interview October 17th.  I hadn’t heard anything back about the position despite the “you’ll know by the end of next week” statement.  I had assumed I didn’t get to go further.  Another week or so passed.  I received an email from the hiring manager and set up an interview for Friday.  My work “campus” is huge but this department happened to be only a few minutes walk and down a floor.  I met with the manager and his interviewing counter part.  Oddly, I was asked the same situational questions as the phone interview.  I guess he and the recruiter happened to pick the same questions to ask?  About 3/4 of the way through the interview, I feel my nose starting to run.  I sniffle here and there.  I’m on edge.  I feel it running.  What do I do?  Do I ask to be excused for a moment?  Do I say why?  If I wipe my nose with my hand or sleeve, well that’s just plain gross.  Besides, that could make it flow out even more.  Holy crap what do I do?  I sniffle a little more.  Meanwhile I have no idea what he or she has been talking about.  I can’t concentrate.  Oooooo it seems like we’re wrapping up.  It’s my turn to ask questions.  I have like 6 but I only ask the top 2 so I can get out of there.  The 3 of us start to close our folders, click our pens, and then I remember I need to give them an updated résumé showing my recent attended classes. They spot my employment gap that says about RVing for a year.  He says, “Oh yeah, I remember seeing that; where’d you go?”  Crap!  I talk a little and suddenly my nasal drip stops on it’s own.  It definitely feels too late to bring the discussion back to business.  If I’m offered the position I’ll just have to ask then.  I have to work on Monday (Veteran’s Day) but I think that department is closed since he said they’d have decisions made Tuesday or Wednesday. 

With Jim gone, I’ve been trying to keep busy.  I ordered a couple of PlayStation games from Blockbuster so that I could veg and play.  Other than that I’ve done grocery shopping, a little bit of cleaning (OK very little) and laundry.

Jim had a great time in Michigan but unfortunately developed a cold that is progressing into a chest cold.  His first day back to work (Tuesday) is going to require a sick call and a trip to the doctor’s office.  His chest is hurting.


  1. Sorry about your dinner disaster. It looks good--and you get consolation points for cooking brussels sprouts!

    From my safe office chair seat, I'd say you should have just said, "I'm sorry, do you happen to have a kleenex?" Of course, then you'd have to pull off the quiet nose blow and wipe while they stared at you, and it probably wouldn't have done the job anyway. I bet nose running is a sign of stress. You know, the "fight, flight or snot" reaction.

    1. I almost asked "pardon me, do you any Grey Poupon?" I'm glad that I didn't ask that.

  2. Mamma always said when you leave the house everyday make sure of three things:

    1) That you are wearing clean underwear.

    2) That you are carrying enough money on you for a cab or a bus ride.

    3) And last but most importantly that you stuff 2-kleenex in your pocket so you can wipe your hands or nose (or anything else for that matter) if you get in a jam!


    1. If it were my Grandmother, she would have recommended I stick them in my sleeve.

    2. If it were my mother, she would have recommended I stick them in my bra.

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