2-12-12 Sunday (Blizzard Of 2012)

Snow tubing!  Since last month’s snow tubing adventure was a flop, Jim suggested we give it a try with a first time visit to Winterplace which is a ski/tubing resort in West Virginia.  Jim calculated the trip to be about 3 hours each way.  Doable*. 

2012-02-12 016Above: A lackluster motto.

2012-02-12 001Above/Below: There were so many great dilapidated barns and silos.  I just love ‘em.2012-02-12 002


2012-02-12 017

2012-02-12 004Above: One of two tunnels.  We were glad we weren’t in the motorhome!

2012-02-12 006

Are we there yet? Yes.

2012-02-12 007

Above:  Winterplace parking lot.  It was COLD!  Long johns, multi-layers, gloves, snow pants… we were ready!

2012-02-12 015Above: I’m on my way up to the top of the slope via the “carpet lift”.

2012-02-12 008Above: Other tubers waiting on the carpet lift.

2012-02-12 009Above: Jim and I.

2012-02-12 010Above: The line to grab a tube and get on the carpet lift.

2012-02-12 012Above: Jim on the tube, coming in for a landing.

2012-02-12 014Above: Jim rides the carpet lift to the top again.

Despite some annoyances, we had a fantastic time.  AND yes, I’m going to complain anyway.  It’s what I do:

Rant Cloud Animated - FastThis place only had one slope as opposed to the 4 that Hawk’s Nest has.  At this place you don’t keep your tube, you constantly turn it in at the bottom, wait in a line and grab another one, ride the carpet lift to the top and then slide down.  The lanes stayed very empty yet the line for a tube stayed full.  At one point they got more tubes and opened the other carpet lift to make the line go faster.  The problem with the lanes being empty was two problems.  The first, not enough tubes.  The second is kids waiting for 3-4 lanes in a row to be empty so they could race one another.  This place is $32 for 4 hours.  We were there for 3.  It was poorly run.

Next time we may need some extra face protection.  The wind combined with the snow machine made it brutal.  It was surely blizzard-like conditions.

*Between the stop for lunch, stop for dinner and extra drive time, we got home much later than anticipated.  It was close to 9:30 pm.  We had to call on Dasher’s Uncle Mike and Uncle Billy to let Dasher out.

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