2-19-12 Sunday (Pinching A Loaf)

On Friday, Jim departed Charlotte for a long weekend in Florida with his family!  I’m a bachelor for the weekend.
To start my Saturday, I was stood up by the dry wall guy.  Adams Homes said between 8-12; I waited until 1.  I have no one to call so I had to fire off an email to the warranty coordinator.  I’m sick of all this crap.  Poor workmanship.  Poor customer service. 
The Sleep Number In Balance sheets we bought at the end of December are pilled.  They are also too large for the bed.  Why would you design your mattress so thin and your sheets so thick?  They go on nice but then in the morning they are all bunched up.  It’s too bad really since they were so soft.  They also offered some sort of temperature regulating technology built in which is why we bought them.  You could actually feel the difference when touching the sheets versus another fabric.  I really shouldn’t have ever bought them since their return policy is crappy.  I’m hoping that since I purchased a $3000 bed from them that they’ll do me right and refund me.
In the meantime, I researched sheets and it seemed as though Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond did well.  $200 less a 20% off coupon (that would be $40 off, you’re welcome).  I braved the mall.  The Concord Mills Mall is CRAZY all the time.  I swear it’s like Christmas every weekend.  The interstate exit gets backed up, then It took several light changes by the mall to get in, then it’s a traffic nightmare of who has the right of way.  Incoming traffic has right of way and it’s posted for them to keep moving but people miss the signs so they stop.  The people at the stop sign decide to go because the others erroneously stopped.  Horns are honking, near misses are narrowly avoided, it’s a friggin’ mess.  After driving up and down several rows looking for a spot, I finally parked in what I believe to be a foreign country.  I surely expected to see currency conversion machines and border patrol.  I diligently hiked to the mall entrance. 
imageNow some back story.  The other day, Jim bought a Living Social coupon for Coldstone Creamery.  What I didn’t know is that it’s only good at the Coldstone in the mall.  Back story complete.  So I’m walking to the mall and decide to check email to pass the time at Customs while walking.  I see an email from Living Social saying we redeemed the Coldstone coupon and asking for our opinion about it.  So me being a smartass, texts Jim “How was Coldstone?”.  I figured he’d wonder how I knew.  He didn’t go there and it’s only good for the mall location (he’s in FL).  So we get to talking on the phone.  We kind of panicked that perhaps someone hacked our account.  After lunch I figured I go over to Coldstone and inquire.  Maybe they punched in the wrong coupon number?  Jim called Living Social, they checked with Coldstone.  Apparently they were a little overwhelmed and frazzled and goofed but it was corrected.  It was all just weird that I happen to be in the mall when it occurred.  So I finished typing all that and thought to myself, self, I often call myself that, does anyone really care?  My alternate voice told me not to listen to my primary voice so I published it anyway.  Thanks for your support.
I washed the new sheets and the old sheets and I guess I’ll brave the mall once again to make a return.  I don’t remember which entrance to the mall is closest to the Sleep Number store so I decided to browse the Android Application market where I found a Simon Mall App.  Look at all the options there are.  Will it help?  Not sure, but I’ll let ya know.
Mall App
Sunday: I’m back.  The application was helpful.  The screen shot is from the Android Market; I’m not in Indianapolis. 
I went to the Select Comfort, Sleep Number store and had to wait a while for the manager to break free.  He (Chad) cheerfully gave me a refund on the sheets, no hassle despite being over 30 days.  While he and his saleswoman were handling potential customers, I chimed in about how much I liked the bed.  Maybe that helped?
I did some more grocery shopping today, made meatloaf and clean bathrooms.  Well, I also played a video game.
imageAbove: Turkey meatloaf ingredients (ground turkey, turkey sausage, egg, garlic, cheese crumbles, stuffing, catsup, chopped onion, and a little milk.
imageAbove: Pinching  loaf: I made 4 mini loaves.  More than enough for 2.  3 go into the freeze.  Yummy!


  1. You are a riot. I love reading your entries. Very gifted writer. Mostly I can feel your frustration in your words. A veritable Heloise...


  2. I'm still lost at the mall. Please send a search team!

    God, I've decided Charlotte's biggest problem is a total disability with highway design. There's a clog every dog-gamn day on my stretch of 485 for absolutely no reason--every day! All I can figure is that typical drivers can't handle multiple entrance/exit ramps when combined with a curve and--oh no!--a very gentle hill. Once you clear the "hill" everyone zooms back up to 70 mph. For half a mile, anyway...

    1. Your commute description was hilarious. I think the thing that took me over the edge was "very gentle hill".

      The search teams want money. Sorry.

  3. I'm still having cold sweats just thinking about being in a crowded mall.

  4. OMG You showed a bag of chopped onions. You can't buy onions and take a knife to them...

    1. Yes, I also chose not to slaughter the turkey and grind it up.

    2. Oh and now that you know such a product exists, you know you'll be buying it. It's all the rage now you know.

  5. We love frozen onions. No crying while chopping and always easily available when we just need a small amount- a lot less waste.

    Good thing you weren't in Indy because if you had been and you hadn't gotten in touch with me, I'd be very very very cranky.