2-10-12 Friday (Working The Phones With Speech Impediments)

On Sunday, we finished cleaning up from the party.  Although it was late, we actually had everything washed and put back to normal at the end of the party.  Sunday was mostly about putting returning clean items to cabinets, grocery shopping and other errands.

So, for our next party I’d like to do a “white trash” theme.  I’ve found so many websites with décor, food, beverage and costume ideas.  What’s your suggestion?  You know, like pink flamingoes on the lawn, spam for food…

imageThursday sucked.  I swapped shifts with a coworker so I could have step 1 of 2 in the root planing/tooth scaling process done.  As typical we started with half my mouth, numbing, scraping, rinsing, blotting, etc.  I’ve had the process done several times over the years and this was the first time my front teeth hurt even 2 days later.  Not throbbing or anything like that, just no chewing using my front teeth.  The hygienist warned me although naturally I wonder if something went wrong.  I’m typing this up on Saturday morning and it was difficult to chew an English Muffin.  Anyway, after the procedure I went to work.  Since half my mouth is numb and I work by talking on the phones, naturally I was concerned about my probable speech impediment.  “Tank you fo calling my job, I’m gawit, how can I atist you doday?”  I practiced in the car.  I sounded pretty good.  Off to work I go.  As the numbness wore off, it was painfully evident that I’d not be chewing.   Skipping my salad for lunch, I went to the cafeteria and opted for a bowl of chili.  I was able to eat that.  Eating a cheese stick for a snack?  Not so much.  I had to literally gnaw on it from the corner of my mouth.  Pitiful.  I popped some more Advil and just dealt with it.  I was determined not to use PTO.  Why be miserable at home?  I’d rather save my PTO for fun stuff!

The issue of what to do with the motorhome has come up again.  I have weekends off, now what?  It’s a 1997, things need repaired, things will go wrong but it’s paid off.  Should we trade into a bumper pull trailer?  Something a tad smaller, and much newer?  Can we pull it with the Jeep.  The towing capacity for the Jeep is 5,000 pounds.  Finding a trailer we like under that weight is possible not not exactly what we want.  Then it gets more complicated.  Something over 5,000 pounds will require something larger than the Jeep.  But the Jeep is paid off.  We don’t want too large a vehicle because it needs to fit in the garage and it needs to be used daily for regular use.  Next weekend is the RV show but Jim won’t be here.  He’ll be in Florida.  Maybe I’ll go to the show by myself, take pictures and notes.

Sunday may be a trip to West Virginia for snow tubing!


  1. Oh, just sleep in the back of the Jeep and pee in a jar. Sheesh, what else do you need, you soft suburban ninny?

    That would also be a good place for your white trash party. Make sure the beer is cheap. And don't forget to invite Jerry Springer.

  2. I don't think I've ever slept in my car... intentionally. Ewwwww.

  3. That would also be a good place for your white trash party. Make sure the beer is cheap. And don't forget to invite Jerry Springer.


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