6-9-15 Tuesday (Got Bait?)

Unfortunately we both woke up at 7am.  Oh well.  We went downstairs and ate breakfast at IHOP.  Then, back upstairs to get ready for the day.  It was rainy and overcast most of the day.  We originally had lunch plans at the Skylon Tower (a rotating observation tower with a restaurant).  Jim went online and rearranged the week’s activities to better align with some crappy weather we were receiving. 

We bought a couple of umbrellas at the hotel’s gift shop and off to Niagara on the Lake we went.  It’s basically a little town with shopping (lots of boutiques), cafés, restaurants, bakeries, parks, etc.  It was a rainy but manageable.  We enjoyed the 30 minute ride past oodles of vineyards.  Jim bought a Niagara Falls baseball cap.  We also had some cookies from a bakery.  Diet what?  Huh?  I didn’t take many pictures here since it was just a lot of shops and such but I did love this building:

2015-06-09 018

On the drive back, I spotted this vending machine at a gas station and had to take a closer look (aka take a picture):

2015-06-09 019Above: Isn’t that strange?  Also, why does the worm look more like poo?

Below: Take a closer look at the buttons:2015-06-09 020

At 3pm we had 1 hour massage appointments on a $15 Groupon.  We were in the same room, and 2 lovely ladies worked us over.  It was heavenly.  The only thing better would have been a magical transport back to our hotel room beds.  We relaxed a little more by enjoying the hotel hot tub.  By the way, this hotel has like 6 restaurants (including Ruth’s Chris and IHOP), arcade, ice cream shop, etc.  There’s an over head walkway that crosses the major road and leads to the Hilton and a huge casino.  As a matter of fact, our room overlooks the casino parking lot and of course the falls itself. 

Here’s a couple more hotel room view shots:

2015-06-09 024Above: To the left. Casino hotel, part of the Skylon. Bridge from Canada to the US.  Behind that hotel is the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls.

2015-06-09 021Above: View of the Casino Hotel parking lot and Horseshoe Falls.

Dinner was very awesome.  We went to the Copacabana Brazilian Steak House.  Yum, yum, yum.  A total meat buffet.  Did I mention yum?  Gaucho (meat server) service was a little slow here and there but they worked their asses off.  Maybe they were a little busier than normal or short staffed.  It certainly wasn’t enough to ruin the experience.

With so much meat in our tummies, we walked around, visiting the falls again.  We walked a little further than we did on Monday so we got a different viewing point.  Spectacular. 

The Canadian side welcome center is very nice.  I say this because tomorrow’s post will mention how craptastic the American side is.  Anyway, we walked into the bathroom and saw these.

2015-06-09 034

I did some research online and only found one mention of the Niagara Falls Visitor Center foot bath stations.  I’m not sure how accurate it is and if we make it back there, I plan to ask.  I may even just update this blog post.  No promises so don’t wait up.

“The foot bath in the large Welcome Center at the Falls puzzled us at first. We thought it had something to do with people getting their feet wet while watching the Falls too closely. Then a woman who works at the Center explained to Bob that some public buildings in Ontario are required to provide these foot baths in the restrooms for those of the Muslim faith. And then she added, sounding a bit resentful, that these same buildings could no longer have Christmas decorations. We looked this situation up on the internet but couldn't find anything except that some US college campuses, particularly in the west, are now providing the foot baths. As the world turns.”

Here’s some other photos:

2015-06-09 036

2015-06-09 026

2015-06-09 028

2015-06-09 029

2015-06-09 030

2015-06-09 032

2015-06-09 033

2015-06-09 035

Our feet were very sore… along with my calves and ankles…  we took the Incline Railway back up from the falls.  It was a nice little ride.

2015-06-09 025

Tomorrow will be exciting!


  1. Beautiful !!!!! Except for the foot baths. If they want to wash their feet, stay home. And Christmas decorations should never be not allowed. I am so sick and tired of this crap........


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