6-12-15 Friday (Gambling With Lynda Carter)

So we started our last day with a little gambling.  It wasn’t planned.  We were walking through the casino to get to the buffet and I spotted a Wonder Woman slot machine.  I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman so naturally I had to play.  It featured clips from the Lynda Carter series.  It was cool.  I went through my $5 pretty quick but on Jim’s turn, he cashed out at $17.  We played and lost about $10 on other slot machines during the week so this helped recoup our loses.  We spent about 15 minutes in total gambling time all in all.

After breakfast we packed up, checked out of the hotel and headed for Niagara Falls State Park for one last time.  We spotted a very cool black squirrel.  My research says they’re not very common.

2015-06-12 003

2015-06-12 001

2015-06-12 002

We looked at the falls from view points we hadn’t seen previously.  Breathtaking. 

2015-06-12 005

Above/below: We’re next to Bridal Veil Falls, US side.  The Canadian side is in the distance.

2015-06-12 006

2015-06-12 007Above: Looking down onto the Bridal Veil Falls, there’s another shot of “Cave of the Winds”.

2015-06-12 008

Above/Below: American Falls from different angles.

2015-06-12 009

We went to the Niagara Adventure Theater to see a movie about the history of the falls.  It was interesting to learn about the daredevils and even a young boy who accidently went over the falls and survived.  So the most famous or maybe the first daredevil was Annie Edson Taylor who went over the falls in a barrel and survived.  We collect Christmas ornaments from our travels.  Jim and I associate the falls with a barrel, probably from cartoons, so we hunted for a barrel ornament and the only thing we found was a barrel keychain.  Not what I was hoping for.  Oh well.  I found something better online so I think I’ll order that.


Last meal in Niagara Falls USA = “Top of the Falls Restaurant”.  Nice view but I can’t say much more positive than that.

2015-06-12 010

We both ordered:

BUFFALO MAC & CHEESE -  Cavatappi Pasta, Chicken Tenders, Medium Sauce, House-Made Four-Cheese Sauce, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Green Onion (Cal. 1050) $16.50

Jim ordered his less the hot sauce.  Velveeta or Kraft Mac & Cheese would have beat this stuff out.  Ouch, right?  The chicken tenders were those kind that looked food service over cooked and over breaded hard things.  Like the ones in this stock photo, eh? (<— see what I did there)


Blech.  As we left the park it started raining.  We ran to the car and it poured the entire trip to the rental car agency.  What should have been a 40 minute drive took a lot longer due to traffic and the extra slow drive due to the down pour.  Luckily, we had a lot of extra time before out flight.  Just as we pulled up to Payless, the rain stopped.  We were lucky!  We got to the airport, checked in and then went to the Admiral’s Club.  One of our American Airlines credit cards had a voucher for the card holder and a guest to use this facility.  Both of us have never been to an airline club previously.  Nice.  Free open bar (beer, wine, well), snacks galore, comfy seating, desks, magazines, personalized service, soft drinks, etc.  It was a nice way to end a vacation.

What an awesome vacation.  I recommend it!

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