6-11-15 Thursday (A Barrel Of Fun)

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel’s IHOP.  We had a lite breakfast since we got a late start. We have reservations at the Skylon Tower for lunch.

2015-06-11 002

Above/Below: Elevator ride up.

2015-06-11 001

As we entered the tower, we had our photos taken, which we purchased:

2015-06-11 Falls

2015-06-11 Barrel

Our seat in the dining room wasn’t up close to the glass but rather a tier up further back.  I was disappointed with the seat but Jim was happy we weren’t that close.  It would have bugged him at that high an elevation.  Our seat, as you can see below, turned out just fine though.

2015-06-11 0032015-06-11 004

2015-06-11 005

Jim started with the escargot and I with the onion soup.  Tasty.  For the main entrée, Jim had a filet and I opted for the NY Strip sirloin.  Mine was disappointing.  It looked and tasted like processed, institutional meat.   The photo below was off the internet.  Mine looked worse.  Mine was very rectangular.  The coloring was icky too. I dealt with it.

skylon steak

Check please:

2015-06-11 007

After lunch we went up a couple more decks to the observation deck.  This was amazing. 

2015-06-11 017Above: This is the observation deck and tower (on the USA side) we were on the prior day.

2015-06-11 008

2015-06-11 009

2015-06-11 010

2015-06-11 011Above: That building with the upper pink part is our hotel.

2015-06-11 012

2015-06-11 015

2015-06-11 016Above: This is the “Cave of the Winds” attraction we visited yesterday.

The “insert a video” option of this blog post isn’t working so if you want to see a 17 second video of me panning from falls to falls then click here

If you want to watch a video of me eating my steak, you won’t find one and you should get a life.

What’s next?  We drove to Niagara on the Lake to catch a helicopter tour.   We’ve done the Alaska helicopter tour which was our favorite part but this tour just bored us.  I think it’s because we just saw the falls from the tower which was the perfect height and view point?  Maybe we’re jaded?

2015-06-11 031Above: Map showing our route.  The tour was about 20 minutes.

2015-06-11 018

2015-06-11 019

2015-06-11 020Above: Many vineyards.

2015-06-11 022Above: Niagara River

2015-06-11 025Above: Falls view from behind.

2015-06-11 028Above: Falls view from the front.

2015-06-11 030Above: Jim didn’t stand up straight.  He was afraid the rotors would decapitate him.

A few days ago, a restaurant server (I think it was the Rainforest Café) told us about a locally known favorite ice cream shop which is part of a dairy farm for the area.  So off to the Avondale Dairy Bar we went.  It was yummy.  We’ve had better.  2 amusing photos from this trip:

2015-06-11 032Above: In their display case.

2015-06-11 033Above: This is why you shouldn’t run with scissors.  You might lose them.

We closed the day with a trip to  the falls again and then dinner inside the Casino Hotel at Johnny Rockets. 

I’ve got to tell you.  Food is ridiculously expensive.  Jim suggested getting the car and going out of the tourist area for food.  My feet were very sore and I was very tired.  Johnny Rockets was close by so there we ate.  I had a Philly cheesesteak (which was very tasty).  My Philly was $18 and Jim’s burger was like $15. 


  1. Holy crap, for that price they should have taken a video of you eating your steak. And they couldn't even give free refills on your drinks?
    I almost peed a little at the HOMO milk. You always crack me up, somehow........

    1. We were shocked over the lack of free refills as well. Pitiful.


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