5-31-15 Sunday (Stars And Cracks)

The previous weekend we were in Augusta, our quest to obtain a permit failed.  This kind of screwed up our Memorial Day weekend plans.  I couldn’t get Friday off but Jim did so he was going to come to Augusta Thursday night and get the roof over installed Friday (or as much as possible) and then I’d arrive Friday night to take over.  He’d move on to Atlanta to visit family.  I was bummed I’d miss seeing our nephew Colton for his birthday but I was also thrilled to have a weekend to myself.  In addition to being home together, Jim and I work together, and have lunch together nearly everyday.  So this would be a great getaway.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder. You know, all of that stuff.  Well with no roof over build and at the last minute I was able to get a half day off Friday, Jim asked if I wanted to go to Atlanta.  I declined.  I really had my heart set on me time. 

So how’d me time go?  Well, I left Charlotte at about 12:30 on Friday, arrived in Augusta, unpacked (not very much) and vegged a while. 

20150526_071326Above: Of course, I managed to get a boulder or asteroid or something hit my windshield and leave me with a very pretty star shaped crack.  Yay. 

I hopped on the golf cart and socialized.  I attended poolside cook outs, campsite cookouts, lunch with a friend, sleep, TV time, played video games, cooked (a little), and just in general had a wonderful weekend.  There were times I got bored and those times I got through by taking a ride to the store, or watching TV or seeking out friends to hang out with it.  I even had plans to do some deep cleaning in the RV.  Oddly, I was never bored enough for that to happen.  Laziness won out.

We won’t be going to Augusta for a few weeks.  I have to work this next weekend and then we have a Niagara Falls vacation and then Jim is going to a concert.

Oh look, it’s the next week.  We celebrated our 16th anniversary.  We went out to eat.  Nothing spectacular, just Long Horn.  Jim was in the mood for Prime Rib.  I was too until I got there.  Then I ordered fall off the bone need a tractor to pull the ribs off the bone ribs.  They started off tender but as I made my way toward the other end, they got tough.  I asked the server to reduce the price to a 1/2 rack which he did without hesitation. 

It’s Saturday, the 28th and I had to work.  Yuck.  After work (1 pm), me, Jim and Beth went to Tupelo Honey for lunch.  Damn good food.  We came back to the house and chatted for several hours.

A boring entry.  BUT stayed tuned for the next couple of entries since another weekend is upon us and we’re going to Niagara Falls!

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