7-26-14 Saturday (Werning: Speling Unda Construkshun)

This past week was Restaurant Week.  Oh, how we love it.  This year, we only went to Melting Pot with several friends.  Jim was funny this year.  I asked him about going to my favorite, Chima, or perhaps Ruth’s Chris.  He said that he was bored of those and wanted to try something new.  Neither one of us got what we wanted.  That’s fine though since we’ve been dropping $$$$$ twice a year on Restaurant Week for the past few year.  $30 a person plus tax, plus tips, plus drinks = a lot of money especially when we do 2-4 restaurants in one week.  Extravagant is what it is.  I mean, hey, we’re worth it though.  I digress.  So we went with Melting Pot since Beth and her family had never been.  Melting Pot is freakin’ fun.  Jim and I have been there many times.  There were 7 of us.  Jim and I, Jim’s coworker Ann, Beth and her siblings, David, Annie and Angie.  We were there for nearly 3 hours and had such a great time!

2014-07-21 008Above: An amazingly fun time!

Work wife, Jessica, found this recent news clip regarding a typo on a local interstate sign.  She knew I’d appreciate it and shared accordingly.  While I make my own fair share of spelling and grammar errors, “professionally” printed ones are always the best and always go noticed by me.


Media excerpt:  BALLANTYNE, N.C. -- Drivers getting on the new Johnston Road flyover in Ballantyne will notice a spelling error.  The new sign on the flyover leading to I-485 has 'Pinevllie' instead of the correct spelling of Pineville.

Similarly in recent Charlotte news:


Media excerpt: If you're traveling the Interstate-77 southbound off ramp to exit 28, you'll notice you can "NOLY" turn right.  After a weekend construction project, a right turn lane was incorrectly misspelled in permanent paint on the road.

We’re having Thanksgiving company this year.  The last time Jim’s family was here for the holidays was Thanksgiving 2011.  See here.  So far we have confirmations for Grandma, Jim’s Dad and Julie (favorite step mommy).  Jim has been approved the time off making for a 5 days weekend.  We’re waiting on his brother’s family to confirm.

This weekend we went to Augusta.  Shocker, I know.  We put the finishing touches on the motorhome and took it to CSRA Camperland for consignment.  The General Manager, Bob, was optimistic about the price.  He said it was in fantastic condition, and low mileage at 64k for a 1997 coach. The only con was that it will be hard for a buyer to get financing at this age.  We’ll leave it to the experts to sell it for us.  Send positive vibes… or money.  Money would work too.

Back in March, during our RV setup, Jim found a leak underneath.  It was purchased as-is but Jim gave it a shot and asked for repair assistance.  They kindly agreed adding to our already high opinion of Peco Campers.  It’s been an ongoing coordination for this repair since they’re a few hours away from us.  Late Saturday, a repair guy from Peco came to the campground and repaired the broken welds and reinstalled in underbelly insulation.  Yay! 

The last minute late repair ruined dinner plans but the new plans of chipping in with friends for pizza went well.  Again, we had a great time.


  1. Love "incorrectly misspelled" in the media excerpt!

    1. I didn't even notice that. Even more hilarious.

  2. It looks like Restaurant Week was quite a success. Going through one amazing resto to another along the way must be fantastic! It's too bad your dinner plans were ruined with a repair, but it seems that they were able to patch the leak soon after. Having your RV in tip-top shape is important, whether you're on the road, or planning on selling it. It means less idle time, and it also makes for an easier sell. Drive safely!

    Liza Pilon @ Priarie City RV Center

    1. Restaurant week IS awesome! Thanks for reading!

  3. Missing your updates. Hope you are both fine. Lori Anne


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