3-9-14 Sunday (Wet Pilots)

After work on Thursday, 3-6-14 (I’m very behind), I headed to Augusta.  Jim had to work until 8:30 on both Thursday and Friday night.  I took Friday as a PTO day to get the inside of the new RV/camper/trailer/fifth wheel (I may refer to it as any of these), cleaned and organized.

Thursday night’s drive was miserable.  It was raining, cold and I-77 was moving at 5mph in some parts (due to an accident).  It took me a really long time to make it through.  Eventually, I made it to Augusta.  I unpacked the car in the cold rain and traipsed mud and everything else through the motorhome.  I had to dewinterize the moho.  First I closed all the house faucets.  We leave those on so that if water freezes, it has somewhere to expand without busting a pipe.  Next I went outside, lifted the hatch door to the connection and had to hold it up using my shoulder (the strut is weak), hold a flashlight and turn knobs to close the low point drains.  Next I closed the water heater drain then reconnected the water hose (with lots of difficulty).  I was getting angrier and stressed by the moment.  Damn you inanimate objects!  I turned the water on and it gushed out of the water heater’s pressure relief valve.  Damn, forgot that one.  I went back inside, switched on the water heater and the pilot light would not stay on.  Everything had gotten too wet.  I used a heat gun to try and dry it out.  I was somewhat successful.  The moho’s water heater would only fire for about 5 minutes and then switch off.  I stayed up a little longer and then headed for bed. 

On Friday I spent the day cleaning the new RV and moving things from the moho to it.  My neighbor and friend Wesley helped me get a water supply to the new RV and hopefully some hot water so I can eventually shower.  Late that night, Jim arrived.  My first decorative touch, a 5th wheel frame.


I try to be organized and when I can’t be, it bothers me.

2014-03-08 001Above: Unavoidable motorhome clutter.

Saturday was spent re-leveling the RV.  Jim, me and some friends worked at lifting/jacking the RV up and getting concrete blocks under 6 areas for support and stability.  Grueling.  Next, he went on to hard plumbing the sewer line while I went inside to continue transferring our stuff from the moho to the RV.  We attended a birthday party and then went back to work.  We were able to spend the night in the new RV!  Yay!

2014-03-09 002

Jim discovered water leaking under the RV.  He crawled under and had to cut out some of the underlining to access the underbelly.  Pooled water dripped out.  He found the support brackets that hold the fresh water were broken at the welds and maybe the tank is leaking.  He used a jack and some blocks to brace the tank for now.  We ran out of time so it will have to wait until next weekend.

2014-03-09 004

As is my typical writing style, here’s some unrelated stuff:

You may remember my constant battle with Monro.  Or you might remember and not really care is more like it.  I just got a response from them via the Better Business Bureau file I created 8/2012.

Monro response

My response:

Our response

Naturally the cheapness in Jim compels him to save the certificate.  He figured we could get an oil change or something out of them.  I said no way.  The certificate will be passed on to a coworker who likes them or torn up and mailed to Monro. 

Some photos floating around in my phone:

Below: A photo of Dasher in the back seat during a trip back to Charlotte.20140302_145248

2014-02-25Above: At Walmart.

2014-02-07 002 - CopyAbove: At a restaurant.  They chose for me so I guess I don’t have to.

2014-02-08 003Above: I can’t believe this exists.

2014-03-02 010Above: I get so much material from Walmart.  Is it clearance or Clarence? Perhaps a blend.  “NOW;”.


  1. I want to know what's under those fried eggs in the background part of the bacon bowl picture.

  2. I guess it was only a matter of time before they made bacon bowls. Haha! Anyway, that must've been quite a tiring day for you guys. And you still had arranging all the stuff in your new RV to look forward to after. Yikes! As for broken parts, perhaps next time you could do a quick check after they repair it, so you can point out what's wrong before you roll out. What happened to the tank, btw? Was it fixed eventually? Either way, I hope you guys have fun on the road!

    Marion Goodwin @ Johnson RV


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