7-20-14 Sunday (Going Batty)

We spent this weekend at home.  I had to work Saturday.  This week, I put in gobs of overtime, 8.13 hours to be exact.  It’s a good thing I love my job.

On Saturday, Jim and I went out for lunch, did some grocery shopping, went to the mall and other boring activities. 

A part of our shopping was for shoes.  I got new work shoes and new sneakers.  I’m really picky/sensitive on shoe comfort since I tend to get a lot of foots pain.  Be it the way I walk, my posture, my right foot seems wider than the left, the Plantar Fasciitis that I’ve been diagnosed with and do nothing about or perhaps my huge belly/weight that puts strain on my feet?  I tried on a pair of Skechers gel top memory foam sneakers.  It’s like walking on a gym mat.  It’s sooooo cushy!   This particular line is called “This Way”.



Mickey_Mouse.svgDisney update: Nothing really new.  They send us a lot of stuff in the mail.  Most recently was a magnet with customized important dates to remember for our trip.  We’re flying my mom and Aunt Donna up here from Florida for a visit and to dog/house sit while we’re gone.  It’s kind of the same scenario as when we went to Alaska.  Mom and Aunt Donna came for 2.5 weeks, one of which we were in Alaska.  It’s a vacation for everyone! 

Jim is setting up his typical spread sheets in Excel to keep us organized.  We’ll typically have our day planned out.  Some people like that, some don’t.  Obviously we do.  It really helps to avoid the “what do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do.”  It’s worked for us in the past and should be just fine.



Bat_little_brownbrown batSometimes while letting the dog out back, we stand outside and watch him run around, or watch the rabbits hopping along our back gate or listen to all the night critters (frogs and crickets) make noise from the depths of our heavily wooded back yard.  The other night Jim came in and yelled for me to come out and see something.  Bats.  About 10 bats intermittently flew over the house and back yard.  It was well into dusk with just enough light to tell they didn’t have tail feathers and their wings had that unique bat shape to them.  It was really cool!  We watched them for a while.

7/18 >>> back to Augusta.  On Saturday we worked on replacing the motorhome’s awning fabric.  I was the lovely assistant, fetching things, holding things, etc.  It was raining on and off all day.  Several times, it poured on us but we kept working.  Eventually, after being drenched, we were done.  We got cleaned up and headed out for dinner.  It was 9:30 at night so options were limited. 

We got back to the RV and pretty much crashed.  We went to bed at about 11 which is early for us when we’re here.  We had a full day.

Next weekend we’ll need to get the RV to CSRA Camperland for consignment.  We might just sell this thing eventually.

2 pictures I’ve been meaning to post:

2014-07-09 066Above: Does anyone really like this song? 

2014-07-06 060Above: Wabbits in our back yard!

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