5-18-14 Sunday (Discounting Poor Service)

On my last post I griped about my job’s method of dispatching work.  Before I even published that post, they changed it for the better.  Naturally, I had already put so much time and energy into explaining bitching that I didn’t want to delete it so… I rolled with it. Fortunately, they made the process must simpler and I’m much happier.  After all, that was the goal, right?

If there was a weekend of/for something, this weekend it would be discounts.  So let’s call it, the Weekend of Discounts.  Jim bought, traded, stole, fabricated, mastered, or whatever, the use of several Groupon discounts and Restaurant.com certificates.  Ready for the dining reviews?


Friday 5/16, Gus’ Sir Beef.  Yeah, that’s the name of it.  It’s a dumpy looking place so we were hoping to find that hidden gem amongst the ick.  Verdict?  Not so much.  The service was slow which is worse when there’s hardly anyone in there.  I had the fried pork chop which was OK.  One of my sides was the mashed potatoes with gravy and I thought the gravy was terrible.  Jim had the hamburger steak which had too much pepper on it.  There was 2 different gravies on his plate.  One like I had on his mashed which he said was OK and another on the meat.

Enjoy Lakeside views while dining in our Lakefront Restaurant.Saturday 5/17, lunch at the Lakefront at the Hilton.  We had to spend x to use the Groupon.  We ordered an appetizer.  Chicken quesadillas.  These were tasty.  Next, we both had Philly cheesesteaks.  We didn’t finish them; we took the leftovers home.  They were more like roast beef sandwiches that would have paired nicely with au jus.  I think it was because the meat was so thick.  They definitely weren’t Philly’s.  They were tasty.  Service.  Bad.  The server only had 4 tables.  He never checked to see if the food was OK.  I ran out of beverage.  Etc.

main_photo_1Saturday night dinner.  The Diamond.  This place is kinda “divey” but it was real good.  I ordered the fried pork chop (giving this fried pork chop thing another try) and it was delish.  Mostly.  Mostly?  Well, every once in a while I’d get this pickle taste.  I like pickles, just not with other food.  There were no pickles on the plate so I thought maybe some juice got on the plate somewhere?  At the end of the meal, I notice a pickle slice stuck to the bottom of a pork chop and mentioned it to the server.  She said that they use the same fryer to fry pickles and it must have gotten stuck.  Makes sense but it kinda ruined some of my meal.  Jim had the Diamond Boy and said it was good:

diamond boyWe’ll be back! 

On Sunday we ate Lakefront Restaurant leftovers, caught Spiderman 2 at the theater and made dinner at home. 

I haven’t done this in a long time:

DIH - Animated More like weekend in our history:

This weekend in 2009 was spent in Bisbee, AZ.  We explored old downtown, a copper pit, Jim tries to escape the US. Read about it here.  The next day we took a ghost tour, saw creepy statues.  Read about that here.  And finally, the day after we explored a mine, I tried out the crapper.  Read about that here.


  1. The Gus Sir Beef place confuses me. That sign is just... I can't figure it out.

    1. I'm with you. I feel like there's an English lesson in there somewhere.

  2. I've only been to the Diamond once, and really liked it. I want to take Miss Chef, but it's on a list with a ton of other restaurants!


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