5-4-14 Sunday (Thirsty?)

Meanwhile, earlier in the week…

2014-04-25 004Above: I packaged some steaks in the freezer,and had a little fun with the labeling.  It was killing me to wait for Jim to see it.

Friday 4/25 – Sunday 4/27: An Augusta weekend!  Surprise!  We arrived Friday night, unpacked, cleaned ourselves up a bit and went out to the bar to meet up and socialize with some friends.  We had a great time. 

Saturday morning, I made egg mcmuffins of sort.  Using our microwave egg poacher, I assembled egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon on an English muffin.  They were delish.

Jim worked outside getting the motorhome ready to move.  He disconnected it, aired up the tires, etc and moved it to an empty lot.  Our friend Wesley borrowed our mower for his lot, mowed several lots near him and then did ours as well.  When done, we brought the RV to Wes’ dad, the mechanic, so that he can work on the generator.  We have him a list of mechanical things to repair.

2014-04-26 006Above: Wesley

For lunch and made some veggie burgers and fries.  That’s 2 meals I cooked in one day at the RV.  Typically unheard of.  We’re trying to spend less on eating out.  Besides, I wanted this big RV with the huge kitchen so I’d have room to cook. 

Saturday night 4 of us went to dinner at Mi Rancho.  Karaoke (not that great) + good friends + good food = a good time.

2014-04-26 012Above: Jeff, who did not want his picture taken.

2014-04-26 013Above: Craig

On Sunday, Jim built some stairs.  Actually, they were partially built and given to us by Robert and Brad in the campground.  Jim had to build supports to hold up the stairs as well as a landing at the top.

2014-04-27 0072014-04-27 0012014-04-27 002

2014-04-27 0042014-04-27 005

Friday 5/2 – Sunday 5/4: Sometime earlier in the week, coworkers around me were coughing, sneezing, and all around sickly.  Naturally, I caught it.  Damn them!  I went on to Augusta anyway.  I felt pretty good on SaturDAY, Saturday night, not so much.  Jim went out, I stayed in at the RV.  It definitely wasn’t a great weekend for me.

Sunday night, at home, I had some feeling sick moments.  On Monday, I feel pretty rough.  I’m sure after a shower and such I would have felt fine to go to work but I opted to stay home.  Once I felt better, I did laundry, emptied the dishwasher, etc.  What a waste of a day off. 

A couple of weeks ago, while in Augusta, we went to Lowes. 

2014-04-12 001

6 water fountains? 

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