6-16-13 Sunday (Powerless)

As you know from the previous post, we took Monday off to deal with Dasher.  For dinner that night we went to Cajun Queen with a Groupon.  We’ve been there several times and enjoy their food.  The service is never really that great and the place is so cramped, it’s ridiculous.  Tonight was the last straw.  We were seated at a 2 top and 12 inches away was another 2 top.  We waited for a server.  None.  Eventually another couple was seated next to us.  Wow, I hate being so close to strangers for dinner.  Oh well.  We waited for a server.  Eventually a server came and went to the couple that was seated several minutes after us.  We got up and left.  Groupon gave us our money back saying it wasn’t their policy to do so but because we were a good Groupon customer, they did it.

Tuesday was back to work.  They stopped overtime.  In fact, now there’s none permitted.  If I’m scheduled to work Saturday (5 hours) then I must leave early Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  Oh and Mondays and Fridays aren’t permitted as shortened work days.  I don’t mind the no overtime, but I just think they could have done a no mandatory overtime allowing some optional, and then eventually transitioning to none.  It’s such an extreme change. 

Here’s some photos floating around on my camera.

Box HeadAbove: While at BJ’s.  It was raining.

2013-06-10 012Above: “There, I fixed it.” Kinda. (Walmart)

HairAbove: Spotted in the middle of the road.  Yes, we pulled over so I could get out of the car and take a photo. It’s what I do.  We had a similar in siting Memphis in 2009.  I wonder if it’s related?

Dasher has been doing so much better.  I come home at lunch time to let him out.  Unfortunately, every day there’s been some sort of accident.  He needs to stop that quick because cleaning up pee is gross, tedious and most of the time it still smells until I steam clean the heck out of it.

The sprinkler guy came by on Thursday evening to collect the balance.  He “finished” last week but Jim asked for a few items to be corrected.  We had a wicked rain storm so when I got home I found we had no power.  We waited a while.  No power.  We went out to eat.  Olive Garden hit the spot.

Friday night we dropped off the Rav4 to Toyota for a general inspection and easy recall.  On Saturday morning, the asshole woke us up at 7:31am to tell us what was going on and that it was done.  I don’t know about you, but I would never call a customer that early.  9am would be my earliest just in case.  What do you think is acceptable?

2013-06-15 002

Jim’s Aunt Patty was going to come for the weekend so we decided to forgo Augusta for obvious reasons.  Later in the week she cancelled and we decided to stay home.  Saturday morning we met up with Deanna, Robin, Beth and David for brunch at Mimi’s.  We had a great time. 

This “there, I fixed it” moment, brought to you by Mimi’s:

2013-06-15 003

For dinner, Jim and I had a Groupon to Union Street Bistro.   <RANT>: Their website has music.  Autoplaying music on a website is dumb and annoying.  </RANT>  The inside of this place is pretty.  The tables are so spread out and not on top of one another that it’s awesomely awesome.  Our Groupon was for an appetizer and 2 entrees.  To start, we ordered:


This was so delicious, I would order this as a main entrée in the future. For our main entrée we had 12oz ribeyes.  Amazing flavor.  We didn’t think the potatoes Au Gratin were all that so I skipped eating mine.  The meal included bread service with ample butter that was at room temperature.  Don’t you hate when you get butter that is like a rock?  That sucks.  We both added salads to our meal. $1 for a garden salad, $2 for an iceberg wedge.  The prices were very fair.  This place rocked it.  Service started a little slow when we first got seated… no server.  After that, the service was spot on, we never had to look for our server.  Incidentally, this is the same place that catered Ruby and Jamie’s wedding.  We’d definitely go back.  After dinner we walked around the old Concord downtown area. 


  1. 7:31 a.m. is FAR too early. I'd be ticked.

    1. Oddly, they haven't called yet to ask how our service was. Maybe they're saving that call for Sunday morning at 7:00am.

  2. I generally avoid calling customers before 9:00. Still, I've called people after 10:00 on a weekday who were pissed off because they work second or third shift. Y'know what? Your phone has a silent mode. If you are sleeping when most people are awake, you might consider using it.

    So was that you or Jim with the boxhat at BJ's? ;)

    1. I just couldn't believe SHE'D have that on her head. I LOVE taking pictures of the obscure. There's so much around us. It's everywhere.


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