5-27-13 Monday (Girls Just Wanna Have… Makeup)

Having a long weekend was nice. Thursday night we packed up the car as much as possible. On Friday, after work, I went home, loaded up the remainder of things, grabbed the dog and went South to pickup Jim for work.  Pretty much our usual I guess. Jim leaves his car at work and we continue onto Augusta.  Our new norm is that Jim orders Publix subs via the internet and then we pick them up several miles down the interstate in Tega Cay, SC.  The store has a great outdoor table area that is always shaded at our time of arrival.  One of us goes inside to pick up the subs and the other waits with the dog.  We love their subs!  Yum!  Roast beef and cheese for Jim and the Italian for me.

We arrived at the campground at about 9ish, unpacked, relaxed and went to bed.  Saturday we shopped, socialized and went to a place in downtown Augusta called The Cotton Patch.  Cool building.  It may have been an old mill.  There’s so many old mills through the Carolinas.  I had a club that was quite tasty.  It’s actually hard to find a decent club sandwich!  We spotted a Saturday Market on the River event that we were going to walk through after lunch but by the time we finished… it was gone.  We found that it’s a weekly deal so we’ll go next weekend.  *unfortunately, I’m typing this post from August the following weekend and we’re not gonna make it there.  Maybe the next time?

We went to Walmart.  I spotted a Walmartian.


2013-05-25 054

She reminded me of an old Cyndi Lauper groupie.  She had lots of things strapped to herself, gobs of excessively applied makeup, and luggage that she wheeled around.  Homeless?  I wouldn’t think so with all that makeup on so perhaps just a sick woman.  As they say in the South, bless her heart.

Saturday night dinner was at Joe’s Underground Pub.  The place was empty.  I guess it was a little early for their bar business?  We went in with a Groupon.  We both ordered chicken salad sandwiches.  The chicken salad is made in house and was pretty good.

When we’re at the RV, Dasher sits in the booth with us.  He could barely fit up there with the cone on.  We couldn’t really lift him because he had stitches everywhere we’d normally brace our hands under to lift him.  His cone isn’t a good fit because he’s small with a long snout so the vet always has to tape the cone closed rather than the snaps that are provided.  We decided to buy Velcro and attach that to the cone so that we could take it off and reinstall easily.  Unfortunately he’ll have to wear it in bed so that he doesn’t lick at his wounds while we’re sleeping.  Unfortunately while Jim was showering I wasn’t watching Dasher and he removed the stitches from a wound.  Luckily it was healed enough to not bleed but still look raw.  I’m a bad parent.

2013-05-27 002

Sunday afternoon I went to the pool while Jim finished up a project at the RV. There were absolutely no available chairs.  No one was in the pool, and with one dip of my foot, I could tell why.  It was too cold.  The thing about the chairs was that way too many of them had towels on them with no people.  If they weren’t in the pool then where the hell were they?  That really pissed me off.  It’s very inconsiderate.  In just about a tizzy, I turned around and walked back to the RV.  Jim had just gotten ready to come meet me so why nixed the pool idea and went to lunch instead.

We grabbed our campground friend, Paul, and headed to lunch at The Garlic Clove.  This is our second visit to this yummy Italian eatery.  I think we finally found a non-Olive Garden yum yum spot.  The night before we went there just for take out of cake.  On Facebook, they posted this:

It was a peanut butter cake and unbelievable moist.  Social media worked.

For dinner, one of the residents in the campground hosted a BBQ.  It was huge.  There were more people than their huge tent and site could handle so we spilled out onto some of the other sites.  It was a great time, great food.  We brought spinach dip. 

Monday it was time to depart, but first lunch!  We attempted to eat at a few local restaurants in downtown but our first and second choice place were closed for the holiday.  We settled on Mellow Mushroom pizza.  It’s yummy but it’s a chain and we wanted to eat local.  Oh well.

When we got back to Charlotte, we traded Jim’s 2005 BMW in on a RAV4.  He’d been eyeballing this vehicle on the internet.  Years ago we had a 2002 Toyota RAV4.  It was a 4 cylinder but we liked it.  This is a 2010 RAV4 with a 6 cylinder and an incredibly powerful engine.  It only has 15,000 miles on it.  It was several thousand dollars cheaper at Parks Chevrolet than Jim had seen elsewhere.  We negotiated a little more but they wouldn’t come down on the price.  The best we could do is negotiate on the trade in value.  We did and arrived at a fair deal.

2013-05-27 004

I will tell you that I received an email from our insurance agent:

James & Garret,

The dealership called to day to change out the '05 BMW with the '10 Rav 4.

I have attached a temporary id card to use until you receive the original in the mail.

I have never had a dealership do that.  How awesome!  Now that’s great service.


  1. Thanks, now I want cake......
    Glad you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. We went to the lake and it was so cold we had to turn on the heat. And so windy the lake was like the ocean. Now it is 90. You never know this time of year in NY.

    1. Some friends were in VERY Northern NY last weekend and said it was in the 40's. Yikes.

  2. There's a Publix in Tega Cay? Huh...don't know if I'd go that far out of my way, since we've got the HT a mile away, but I went to the Publix by my parents' and was impressed by the inventory.

    That cake does look worth going out of one's way, though!

    I never see Walmartians. I don't go very often, but I'm glad enough not to be reminded there are people out there like that, whose votes count the same as mine!

    Dealers are supposed to verify that you have coverage on your vehicle, and in NC you get either 2 weeks or 1 month (can't remember which) automatic & retroactive coverage on a new car. Dealers are supposed to call in the new car info, and the good ones do. Parks is a good one; we do several deals a month from them. Glad you had a good experience.

    1. For Publix to me it's that they're clean, always helpful, and they have an awesome deli and bakery. Try their chicken tenders. Try their cakes. Yum.

      We go to Walmart weekly so we seen plenty of Walmartians.

      I didn't know dealers were required to do that. Now it's not quite so special. :-)

    2. They're not required exactly, but it's kind of "industry standard."

  3. Uh, are you SURE that WalMartian was a "she"? Or are you using "she" in a respectful way because that is how the WalMartian identifies? ;)

    I'm keeping my 4Runner until I can't anymore, but am definitely considering a RAV4 for my next vehicle whenever that becomes necessary.

    1. Yeah, looked like a she with big saggy breastases. Frightening.


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