6-23-13 Sunday (Lights Out For Me)

I went to a different podiatrist on Tuesday.  The part just below the pinky toe is swollen from an unknown injury.  I was given a cortisone shot.  Later that evening, it was nice not to have foot pain for a change. 

2013-06-18 018

On Wednesday I took a “comp” day, well half a day, in lieu of working Saturday.  I’m on a 10 week rotation for a 5 hour Saturday.  Since we can’t have overtime, I get to leave early during the week.  It was nice.  That evening, Beth and Jim went to see boy bands in concert. 

The Package Tour: New Kids on the Block with Special Guests 98° and Boyz II MenT460x279

On Friday night, they went to see another concert!

Heart with Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin ExperienceT460x279

That’s 2 concerts too many for my taste.  They enjoyed it though. 

On Saturday, while Jim slept in, recovering from his concert evening, I went to work.  The place is so empty on Saturday that the lights kept turning off.  There’s tons of windows around so it wasn’t dark, just not as bright as I’d like.  I had to get up often and walk near a sensor to make the lights come back on.  It was annoying.  In my area there were 4 of us.  3 at one end of the big room and me by my lonesome.  I actually got a lot of work done.  Go me.

2013-06-22 019Above: Hello?

After work, I met Jim at Red Robin.  I do like their burgers and we got free dessert with our frequent dinner or whatever club card.  We can be pretty high maintenance in a restaurant especially in Mimi’s and Red Robin.  Red Robin serves their burgers in a plastic basket.  They call themselves “gourmet”.  Your ass ain’t serving us $10 gourmet burgers in a plastic basket. We always add “on a plate” at the end of our order. During today’s visit, we were told that they’re dropping the baskets next month.  Our special request at Mimi’s????  When we get the French toast and eggs, we ask for the eggs on a separate plate.  We don’t care to have syrup on our eggs.  Shoot me.

My birthday, Sunday, you missed it.  That’s OK, put it on your calendar for next year and send me double gifts.

For my birthday lunch/brunch, we went to Union Street Bistro.  Love that place.  I think it’s in my previous blog entry.  The service started slow and remained slow throughout.  We need to find the name of the first server we had… she was awesome.  Jim had eggs/crab cakes Benedict and I had a chicken salad croissant.  Mmmmm.  Afterwards we walked around the downtown Concord area.

2013-06-23 003Above: Hey shopkeeper, have some pride. Fix the labels, the dust and the webs on your displays.

We went to Ruth’s Chris for dinner.  We bought gift cards on a deal of $78 for $48.  If you’ve ever been to Ruth’s Chris, then you know that’s quite a savings.  We bought 4 of those cards.

2013-06-23 020Above: If you’ve not been to Ruth’s Chris then you’ll be surprise to find out a filet is $40 and that includes NOTHING but the meat… but damn it’s good.

OK, the review: Service started slow.  We waited for our server to come to the table and introduce himself and take a drink order for what I was thinking to be a long time.  Now all of my complaints are geared around “for this price…” It’s lot of money to drop on a slab of meat so I’m gonna rant.  Not that a $5 piece of meat would shut me up either I suppose.  Anyway, we ordered drinks and crab stuffed mushrooms ($13).  The mushrooms were very firm.  The crab mixture had a definite kick to it.  It took a long time to get our salads. Jim had the wedge ($8), I had a chop salad ($8). Yum.  We decided to order a filet ($40) and a ribeye ($43).  It’s our first time ordering something different. We split each cut of meat so we could enjoy both. The ribeye was flavorful and I was glad we ordered it. The steak is cooked/grill in butter and served on a 500º sizzling plate.  For side we had Potatoes Lyonnaise ($8) which was boiled and then fried potatoes with onions.  Jim liked it, I didn’t.  Reminded me of undercooked potato chips. We also shared Asparagus Hollandaise ($10).  By the way, all prices can be seen on the local location website (non-corporate): http://ruths-chris.com/uptown/menu/dinner

Dinner totaled $150 for 2. I would have expected our drinks not to constantly go empty, table cloths without tacky creases (is that normal in a high end restaurant?), and my chair not to excessively squeak. 

2013-06-23 008

Oh and in case you wondered, Jim doesn’t do asparagus stems:

2013-06-23 009

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  1. Happy (belated) Birthday, my friend! Wishing you a great year ahead.


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