4-22-13 Monday (There’s No Use Crying Over…)

First I need to catch you up on some photos I had in my phone:

2013-04-14 98Above: Concord Walmart’s parking lot.  I wonder what the back story is on this? 

2013-04-14 99Above: At the same Walmart, this was the sign on a food bin. They spelled hungry as hungary and instead of reprinting the entire sign, they simply edited it.

2013-04-15Above: Yeah, that’s me.  I spotted some milk on the floor in BJ’s and asked Jim to photograph me.  I posted this on Facebook and some people didn’t understand at first.  I hope you get it.  This blog entry’s title is a hint.

Remember our Roomba woes.  You know, when it ran over Dasher’s dog shit?  Jim found a knock off version at Walmart.com.  It was only a little over $100 so we figured we’d give it a shot.  I ran it about 4 times.  Not impressed.  One day it got tangled up on a throw rug.  Back to Walmart it went.  We’re gonna cash in some credit card points and buy a new Roomba.  Life is too short to vacuum.

VacAbove: The imposter.

More miscellaneous stuff:

2013-04-14 002Above: Here’s our newest campsite.

While in Augusta, we went downtown:

2013-04-20 008Above: Cool old ex-doorway.

2013-04-20 004Above: Jim in front of an antique store.

2013-04-20 005Above: Garret

2013-04-20 006Above: Garret

2013-04-20 007Above: An old ex-doorway with the hardware still intact.

SignageAbove: I custom (obviously) ordered this sign which is at the front of our campsite with a solar powered spot shining on it.  This picture is from the website. 

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