3-1-13 Friday (Computerized Crap Cleaning)

Friday was mine and my classmates last day at the old building. A team of movers will be moving everyone’s belongings over the weekend.

Saturday, Jim and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden and then the cheap seats movie to see Twilight. We’re not fans of the movie per se but since we’ve seen all the others, we had to finish the series.

Sunday, I took Jim on a tour of the new building. It’s the old IBM headquarters that has been remodeled to my bank’s specs. Fresh paint, new light fixtures, new carpet, new everything. The cubicles/desks and desk chairs are all brand new. It’s real sleek and modern.

Monday started our last week of training in this new building. With the magnitude of this move, it’s pretty understandable that it doesn’t come without issues. People’s computers aren’t working. Seats are being reassigned. There’s no trashcans in the training room. The size of this facility is daunting. People get “lost”.

The breakrooms (there’s 2) feature a room with amenities mirrored at each end. Sink, coffee maker, fridges, etc. Speaking of the coffee maker, it’s one of those kinda like a K-Cup thing. It’s pouches. It’s called Flavia which is made by Mars (candy bar company). I’m grateful for all the choices. There’s like 6 coffee choices, hot chocolate, more tea choices than I’ve ever even tried, but it looks expensive. It is also a lot of disposable packets that are single use.

IMG_1263Above: One side of the breakroom.  That’s Cat in the corner.  Hi Cat!

Coffee1Above: They have a dozen or so hot chocolate, coffees and teas to choose from.  Fancy Schmancy.

Coffee2 Above: The machine looks just like this and the packets are all neatly stored in drawers.

The rest of the week, training was mixed.  Extremely boring at times to oh look, we have something to do.  Unfortunately we haven't had many loans to underwrite for practice.  Some of it has to do with not having the personnel to look over 15 trainee's loans.  Next week we'll be out of training.

About every other day I “run” Roomba as I leave the house.  Well… when I came home that day, apparently Dasher shit on the area rug while it was running.  Roomba ran over it and through it.  Shit was caught up in the rollers, dust bin, the bottom of the machine, here, there and everywhere. I tried not to get water in it.  I really did.  I let it dry for a few days and it won’t work.  I think I fried it.  I really didn’t have a choice though. By the way, Dasher has shit on the rug maybe 5 times in 12 years… just my luck.  I got that one on clearance at Target for $200.  The cheapest model currently offered is like $350.  Oh what to do, what to do.  I’ve Googled, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Sears, Amazon, eBay, etc.  The best price thus far is $327 with free shipping.  It’s nauseating.

In other news, we’ve spent so many hours planning this cruise that I stopped reporting on it.  We made reservations, and cancelled them more than I care to admit. Our poor travel agent and friend, Ruby, probably wishes she was just our friend.  I do plan to post more details about the cruiseS that we booked.  Remember, we booked several because we’re not sure what I can get off from work.  One of the cruises we booked already went up in price by $400 a person.  Luckily it didn’t affect us because we already booked.  That’s the exact reason why we’ve been putting out all these reservations.


  1. I'm baaaack! I'm afraid I've been AWOL for several months, but I do follow you on Facebook. Glad to be back here to keep up with you guys. I'm really sorry about the Roomba. I wouldn't dare have one in my apt. since Emma the beautiful Calico loves to kick litter (mostly clean) our of her litter box so she can roll in it. A roomba hitting my bathroom would choke immediately!!

    Nancy in Iowa

    1. Welcome back! I'm not sure how Roomba would do with litter. Hmmmmm.


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