4-29-13 Monday (Captain Penis)

thinking1_thumb[6]thinking1_thumb[11]Now to catch you up on work stuff.  I love my job, have I mentioned that before?  I love the critical thinking. Ummmmm, I don’t necessarily love the mandatory overtime of 4 hours a week that came with my lending authority.  There’s already a 10% chance that Dasher can’t hold it in before I get home.  Using our neighborhood watch email, Jim put out an email in search of someone who can let Dasher out.  We found an 18 year old across the street.  $20 a week.  According to door lock entry codes in and out of the house, she spends about 6 minutes letting Dasher into the backyard to do his thing.  Now I can work overtime and not worry about Dasher’s urinary needs.

We were leery about supplying someone with a key.  The key can be copied.  A friend or someone could take her key and other neurotic thoughts.  We bought an electronic door lock that links to the computer where we can set up codes and such.  We can use our smartphone to remotely unlock the door or see who has come/gone using a unique code assigned to them.  It’s a $300 investment between the computer hub and the lock itself from a Lowes and Schlage partnership of sorts.  It’s totally expandable with thermostats, alarms, sensors, etc.  The software and controller hub Lowes uses is called Iris.  It’s really cool but not quite as powerful as we want.  We were expecting to be able to create one time use codes or limit a code to specific times or days of the week.  It just isn’t that advanced.  I called the support desk to see if I was missing something, and I’m not.  Then there’s levels to the software. For free you get this, that or the other thing and for premium ($9 a month) you get this, that and the other thing.  Even with premium, it still won’t do exactly what we want.  So with further research, days of it, I found other hubs (controllers) that will work with the door lock (Z-Wave).  I’m going with Mi Casa Verde’s VeraLite.  It’s $80 more than our previous setup but there’s no monthly fee.  It will do what we want.

We made another trip to Augusta this weekend.  That’s 3 weekends in a row.  We won’t be back for a few weeks.  We’ve got a trip to Florida coming up, Ruby and Jamie’s wedding and a weekend I have to work  a Saturday. 

On Saturday night, we went into downtown Augusta for dinner.  Afterwards, we walked around hoping we’d leave weighing less than when when we arrived.  That didn’t happen.  Walking past a store front, I spotted this:

2013-04-27 011

I exclaimed, “Is that a penis complete with balls?” Indeed it was.  The device it holds in its hands was on a shelf behind it.  I could barely make out that it was some device of sorts.  The front door told the story:

2013-04-27 012

You never know what you’ll see in downtown Augusta.

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