4-16-13 Tuesday (Dress Up)

As you know, our RV is parked in Augusta.  It’s our weekend getaway.  The last time we were there was November.  When we signed our lease, we knew that our site and several others are located partially in Georgia Power and Light’s easement for powerlines.  We had to provide the RV park owners a key so that if they were forced to move our RV, they could.  It happened.  They had to move it to a new site.  We really expected them to just retract the slide and the jacks, unhook the lines and park it.

We decided to take off Friday and enjoy Augusta. We took off for a few reasons. 1- It’s an old motorhome and always seems to have issues so being there on a weekday would give us access to stores that might normally be closed or something.  2- We can’t go our typical Friday night.  We need to setup in the day light.  3- We can setup, unwinterize, fix any problems and still enjoy the weekend without all of that cutting into our fun time.

We arrived at the RV and liked the new spot.  Trees at the back of the spot are shading the windshield.  In the summer, that will be very awesome since in the summer, it gets extremely hot at the windshield.  Someone had setup the site for us.  The slide was out, the jacks down and level, sewer and electric connected.  It was awesome.  We found out who had done it and bought them a Publix gift card as a thank you.  We’ve tried several times to give it to him and say thanks but he’s been out and about or at work.  We’ll try again next visit.

Our new RV site neighbor told us foxes come to the back of the property.  A lot of the RVers feed them bread and such.  It would be awesome to see them while we’re there.  He said we could help ourselves to his back deck whenever we’d like.  A sweet gesture for sure.  He has some sort of light up skull back there so Jim decided to prank him by getting a tiara and a tutu and “decorating” it.  I don’t know if he figured out who did it.

2013-04-13 020

While we were out there I spotted a fox.  It was approaching the deck.  We kept our movements to a minimum.  As usual, I had my camera in my pocket and started snapping pictures.  It got closer and closer.  Meanwhile, another showed up.  Eventually, they met in the middle and rubbed against one another.  It was so cute.  Jim went back to the RV and grabbed some tortilla chips.  We gave them a few.  It was awesome to watch them.


2013-04-13 025

A couple of other photos from our trip:

2013-04-13 015Above: A cool building we saw… born 1887.  Here’s its history.

2013-04-13 018Above: Snake in some neighborhood we were driving around in.

It was a great weekend! 

originalOn Monday, I found out I received my lending authority.  That means they trust me to make decisions on loan approvals/denials.  On Tuesday, I received my appraisal authority too!  I can trustily review an appraisal.  I also won a contest they had at work.  It was separated into 2 groups… seasoned underwriters and newbies.  It was based off of how many files I underwrote with point deductions for errors.  OK, I’m done patting myself on the back.


  1. So who was it that did all the set up for you? That was really nice. This sounds like a really great place you picked to put your RV. We have not opened ours yet. Still to cold here. Your foxes are way cute. The snake, not so much.
    Congrats on all your achievements !!!!!!

  2. Congrats! The foxes are adorable! We head out for our first RV trip in 2 weeks!

    1. Here's hope you have a painless first season voyage!

  3. The foxes are so cute! Congratulations on your new authority!!! :)


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