11-5-13 Tuesday (Qality Awart)

It was Halloween this week!  We have a Fun Committee at work that does something every month.  Chip/dip day or potluck or whatever.  This month’s theme was a non-carving pumpkin contest at work.  Here’s a few of the 9 team pumpkins:

2013-10-28 016Above: My team’s but it was all done by one person.

2013-10-28 019

2013-10-28 013

2013-10-28 014

I’m on week #3 of a persistent dry cough.  It came packaged with a cold but won’t leave.  Yes, I know, I’ll need a doctor’s visit this week I suppose.  Phooey. 

We probably had a couple dozen trick or treaters.  I didn’t answer the door.  It’s Jim’s job to hand out the candy… mostly because he likes doing it.  We were surprised at how many 5-12 year olds were costume-less.  Was it their choice?  Was it a financial issue?  Who knows.

Saturday lunch was at Red Robin.  I went über healthy with a cheese-less turkey burger on a multigrain bun with a zesty chipotle aioli.  It was very tasty.  This is the second time I’ve ever had a turkey burger and have been very pleased.  Enough so that I’m not quite sure why I don’t eat them more often.  Oh, and for my side, I had bottomless steamed (no butter) broccoli. 

2477719For dinner we tried a non-chain, local BBQ place called R&R BBQ.  Review: Jim got the sliced pork plate.  It looked like a chunk of meat rather than having that typical deli sliced look.  It tasted OK.  The BBQ sauces offered was BullsEye.  Yes, they use a name brand… odd or a vinegar based homemade that was so watery, it reminded me more of a douche than of BBQ “sauce”.  The hushpuppies were huge but they were a little on the dry side which he thinks is because they’re so big.  ???  I didn’t have any of his.  He also had the homemade mac and cheese.  I didn’t think it was going to be very good.  The cheese had that coagulated cottage cheese look that I don’t particularly care for. Jim simply stated “it’s definitely not as good as Long Horn’s”, which by the way is the best ever and is called “steakhouse mac and cheese”.  (Steakhouse Mac & Cheese = Corkscrew pasta, four cheeses and bacon.)

My food?  I had hot wings.  They were huge drumettes but sadly they were so greasy I couldn’t eat as many as I typically would.  It’s like they used hot sauce and oil rather than butter or they didn’t let the grease drain off from the fryer.  At the bottom of the basket was a noticeable separation of oil and hot sauce.  Ewwwwww.  I ate like 8 of 12.  It was a wonder I didn’t have anal leakage.  Yeah, I said that.

On Sunday, we had Dasher’s stitches and cone removed.  I probably forgot to mention, a couple of weeks ago, he was bleeding from his shoulder area.  He rubbed or scratched or did something to a growth he had.  He’s got skin cancer so we have to deal with these from time to time.  Jim took the day off, took him to the vet where they removed it, stitched him up and coned him.

2013-10-27 0032013-10-27 002

Our friends from Florida, came for a visit on their way back to Florida from a roadtrip.  Mike, Dave and David arrived Sunday evening in time for dinner.  They left Monday late morning.  It was a nice visit; we were glad to see them. 

On Tuesday, at work, I received quarterly recognition for quality.  Basically my files that were randomly reviewed passed with no errors.  During our quarterly meeting I was presented with a certificate.  My name was spelled wrong and the qualifying info regarding the award itself was misstated.  Nice QUALITY.  But, I did get a $25 giftcard so that makes up for it.  Go me.


  1. Awww your poor sweet dog looks so pathetic in it's cone! I work at a hospital and we did a pumpkin contest like this too. People were so creative!

  2. I had no creativity. I couldn't think of anything.

  3. Those pumpkins are awesome! So which one was the winner!?? Congrats on the quality award; those are hard to come by in my office. Nor do they come with $25 gift cards. But they are generally spelled right, so there's that.

    1. It was a tie. The peacock and a cowboy (not pictured).

  4. Some cool looking pumpkins! I also liked the peacock!

  5. I LOVE the pumpkin displays!
    Hope adorable Dasher is doing well.

  6. What a nice idea with the pumpkins. I wouldn't have been able to come up with anything great either. All the pumpkins I carved when Steven was little were the typical looking ones. Now he sends me pictures of the ones he does and they are wonderful !!! Sorry your award was poor quality but we all know that you are high quality all the way !!!


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