11-20-13 Wednesday (Clearance’s Sister)

11-8-13 thru 11-11-13 = 3 day holiday weekend time in Augusta!  We arrived Friday evening.  Our friend, Wesley and Glenn hosted a pulled pork BBQ event.  We brought some delicious homemade Publix macaroni salad.  The pork was excellent, the side dishes yummy too.  We had an awesome time.  It was an early dinner which was smart since when the sun goes down, it’s been getting cold. 

On Saturday, we took a trip to Walmart.  

2013-11-09Above: Here’s a rack with a “clearnace” sign just as you enter the store.

2013-11-09 007

We walked around the downtown area and looked at some old buildings as well as window shopped.

2013-11-09 008Above: This place had some fugly clothes.

Sunday, Jim and I explored a little.  I’ve mentioned that there’s a lot of old repurposed mills around Augusta and N Augusta.  This one caught our eye:

2013-11-10 003Above: Mixed use Enterprise Mill.

We also stopped at this mill, which I didn’t get the name of.  It had some cool features to look at such as an old scale and doors that might be a little dangerous.

2013-11-10 005

2013-11-10 0012013-11-10 002

The next weekend (11-15-13 thru 11-17-13), it was back to Augusta.  On Saturday, Dasher was bit on the nose by another dog in the campground.  He was missing a big chunk of skin but has survived.  I was pretty pissed. It caused a big rift at the campground and I hope it settles down. 

2013-11-16 030

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  We made yet more friends there that I really enjoyed hanging out with.

On Wednesday evening, it looked like Dasher’s nose had a huge blister on it.  I pushed on it to see if it hurt him but it didn’t appear to.  We decided we’d take him to the vet on Thursday night.  When I got home for Dasher’s vet visit, he had popped the blister or something.  It was bloody-ish.  I took him in anyway where he got a booster rabies shot.  Jim met me there.  Dasher is fine.

Sorry for the lame post, I debated on just deleting it.  I got behind on posting and then tried to remember the details of each weekend but that doesn’t seem to be working out very well.  We’ll be back Thanksgiving weekend.

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