10-27-13 Sunday (Camera Mayhem)

Work has been slow for me which means the day doesn’t go by as fast as it used to.  I was talking to a coworker, Jessica, my work wife, the other day, and we agreed that we both love our jobs.  Yes, we’re those annoying people who as we listen to others complain about their job, just smile and say, “I love my job”.  I’m 43 years old and it’s about damn time.

I probably kept you hanging for too long about Jim’s Halloween décor. 

2013-10-14 005

2013-10-14 001

2013-10-14 002

2013-10-14 003

2013-10-14 004

He did an awesome job.  He always does.

This weekend (18th-20th) Jim and I left work early and headed to Augusta.  There were a couple of campsite parties going on and we had a blast.  It was a great weekend.  We also did some shopping.

2013-10-19 007

2013-10-19 006

Target had some awesome foam “wigs”.  Fun stuff.  I wonder how many people tried these things on?  Ewwwww.

This week, I caught a cold.  Yay.  It also marks the 3rd week of not drinking coffee.  The half and half that I enjoy is really empty calories. If I can’t have the half and half then why bother?  I now drink hot tea.  Tea has less caffeine so I suppose it’s a healthier move anyway.

This weekend (25th – 27th) we held a dinner soirée.  

2013-10-26 001

2013-10-26 002

2013-10-26 003Above: Isn’t the spider bread cute?  We ordered it from Great Harvest Bread Co.

Deanna got a hold of my camera and took some regular and obscure photos.  You decided which is which.

2013-10-26 031Above :Ruby.

2013-10-26 004Above: David and Angie.

2013-10-26 005Above: Robin and Beth.

2013-10-26 006Above: Deanna and David.

2013-10-26 010


2013-10-26 011Above: A mysterious unused place setting (Jim and I can’t count).

2013-10-26 012Above: Deanna and ?

2013-10-26 013


2013-10-26 014


2013-10-26 016


2013-10-26 017


2013-10-26 018


2013-10-26 019Above: Beth.

2013-10-26 022


2013-10-26 025Above: Oooops, it was set to zoom.

2013-10-26 028Above: Deanna.

2013-10-26 029Above: Beth and Robin.

2013-10-26 030Above: Deanna and Jim.

Typically we don’t sleep in very late.  Sometimes after 7-8 hours of sleep, we just can’t sleep anymore.  Sunday morning was an exception.  One of us slept 12 hours and the other 13 hours (Jim) but I won’t tell you who did what.

For lunch/dinner we went to a new pizza place called Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza.  Ewwwww.  The crust sucked and the sauce sucked even more.  How they made it this far (a chain) is beyond me. 

That’s all I got!


  1. A) the Halloween decor is indeed awesome!
    B) why, again, can't you move into my neighborhood so I can attend your dinner soirees?
    C) we went to a party Saturday night and went to bed at midnight (about an hour later than usual...and on a usual day, I get up at 5; Josh gets up between 7-7:30) -- Sunday morning, one of us got up at 6:15 and the other at 11:30 (and then only with the nudging of the first person)...you guess who was whom! ;)

    1. Thanks Norma! I'm trying to tempt Jim into a PTown trip. We've decided we need to be unfat for that. We're working on it. Our party didn't last past 10. Everyone was yawning and sleepy. We're all getting old.


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