10-15-13 Tuesday (Proxy Car Shopping)

We had a great weekend!  Saturday we got our food shopping done.  For dinner we met up with Ruby, Jamie and Beth for a few drinks (Jamie was the designated driver) and then went to dinner at Union Street Bistro.  We had a lot of funny, especially with our alcohol buzz on.  Service was fine but the main entrees took longer than expected.  My ribeye was tough.  I’m not sure how many more chances we’ll give this place.

Sunday, Jim and I left the house fairly early and headed up to the mountains to see the fall foliage.  We stopped at our usual lunch destination in Little Switzerland, a 2 hour drive, Switzerland Inn.  Good views, good food and good service; a great combination.  As we ate lunch, a rainy fog rolled in.  At the end of lunch, we had lost our views.  Our next stop was Mount Mitchell, a state park.  We hit a lot of rain here and there but for the most part, the views were spectacular.  Once we reached Mount Mitchell, it was raining and foggy.  We couldn’t see anything so we headed home.

2013-10-13 024Above: A lunch view.

2013-10-13 027Above: We sat in front of the fire at the hotel lobby.  The restaurant is next door.

2013-10-13 030Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

2013-10-13 034Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

2013-10-13 037Above: On the way to Mount Mitchell.

A drive to Mount Mitchell

Tuesday night we went car shopping, but not for us.  Jim’s brother and sister-in-law wanted us to checkout a vehicle in our area for them and then if it passed our inspection, they’d come from Atlanta to check it out.  It didn’t pass.  It wasn’t awful but it had some issues.  Valve/lifter/engine tick, brake pulsation, vibration at highway speeds, and A/C odor. 

For dinner we went to a pizzeria/Italian restaurant called Prosciuttos.   We recently had pizza over the weekend at Fuel Pizza, so we decided to have something different.  We went with a tortellini in Alfredo.  The portion was huge, too huge so we took home another complete meal.  The food was good.  It was served with house made pocked bread.  We were expecting a tasty bread not realizing pocket bread is pita bread so we thought it was on the lame side.  Jim said, “Oh pocket bread… known in some circles as pita bread.”  I nearly choked.  All in all, we’d go back.  I’d love to try their pizza next but I may not be able to tear myself away from the tortellini.  AND since my ass needs to lose some weight, I may not be back at all.  Sigh.

Next weekend (the weekend I’ve actually posted this) we’ll be in Augusta.

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