8-24-13 Saturday (Day 2, At Sea)

Cruise Itinerary

We’re at sea!  The day started off to a rocky start… literally.  We were beyond the calm waters of Seattle, Puget Sound.  It really wasn’t a big deal, we’re used to it but it was a definite difference compared to the prior day.  I ordered coffee via the TV room service option.  There’s also an option to preordering via a form you hang on the door.  I didn’t use this option because we’re at sea today and we didn’t know what time we’d wake up. So, I ordered via TV.  40 minutes later… nothing.  I called.  Room service woman said that the system is probably down and I should have ordered using the form the night before.  I was kind of annoyed by that since I’m thinking it’s not my fault your system is flawed.  I asked if they could expedite it since I had been waiting so long.  2 showers later, no coffee.  As we left the room for breakfast we saw someone coming to our room with coffee.  I told them we didn’t need it anymore.  I told her what happened and she too said “oh, you should order the night before”.  I was kinda angry at that reply but walked away telling her I’m on vacation and don’t want to see an alarm clock for coffee delivery.  I was going to complain at Guest Services but by after breakfast, I was over it.

The main theater featured Brent Nixon, an Alaska Naturalist, in a Celebrity ship series, Beyond the Podium.  He was a very animated and informative guy who spoke about the Alaska in the past and present.  Very interesting. 

2013-08-24 029

Here’s some more miscellaneous photos while in our cabin:

2013-08-24 034

2013-08-24 030Above: We get fresh flowers in our room, part of that concierge package we have.

2013-08-24 031 

Overall, it was a very relaxing day.  We walked around, explored the ship a little more, and took a nap. 

2013-08-24 045Above: The main dining room.

2013-08-24 037

2013-08-24 038Above: I told Jim to strike a pose.

2013-08-24 039

Above/Below: Out on the lawn.  Yes, our ship has a lawn.   They do lawn games and such here.

2013-08-24 040

2013-08-24 043Above: Me, next to the lawn on a really cool bench.

2013-08-24 044Above: The Grand Foyer which is something like 10 decks high can be viewed from several points including glass elevators.  It also has a tree growing in a planter and is suspended several decks high in the air.

For dinner, we dined in specialty restaurant 2 of 3, Silk Harvest, Asian cuisine.  The food was very good.  The main entrees, aka “large plates”, were served family style. Jim’s order came out, mine did not.  It took much longer.  The maître d' brought the chef out to our table and apologized profusely.  It was funny because I felt like he was shaming the chef and I should have had the opportunity to stone him.  That’s not what happened though.  They didn’t have any rocks.  I checked.

2013-08-24 047Above: Dining with yet another fantastic view.

2013-08-24 046

The evening show was called Ghostlight – The Spirit of Broadway.  It was pretty good.  Immediately after was Sin City Comedy, an adult comedy show that was awesome.  Speaking of adults, fortunately there’s not many kids on board.  I figured that would be the case since Alaska hardly seems to be a “family” destination. 

The room steward readies the room for bedtime with turn down service.  They used the pool towels to create towel critters, remove the decorative pillows and spread, fold down the corners of the sheet/blanket and put chocolates on your pillow. They also close the drapes. Always a nice touch.

2013-08-24 048

I’ll have a better photo of the turned down bed toward the end of the cruise since I kept forgetting to get a photo of the whole thing.

2013-08-24 053Above: Once again, on our veranda.

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