8-28-13 Wednesday (Day 6, A Day Of Rest)

Cruise Itinerary

As you can see by the itinerary, we’re at sea.  Man, we needed this day of nothing.  Sure there’s things to do I suppose but we don’t want to do anything other than eat, drink and nap. 

Eating.  Wow, today they did a brunch buffet in the main dining room.  It was done so well with ice, melon and bread sculptures.  Exquisite.  They had the typical omelet and waffle stations.  What a spread!  It’s always about the food for me, isn’t it?  Here’s lotsa photos of this spectacular buffet.  It was all so pretty, I almost hated messing it up.

2013-08-28 0062013-08-28 0012013-08-28 0022013-08-28 0032013-08-28 0042013-08-28 005

Celebrity Solstice Brunch Buffet video:

Some photos while we were walking around the ship:

2013-08-28 012

2013-08-28 008

2013-08-28 009

Perhaps later we’ll eat again and see a show.  Maybe we’ll even hit the casino and/or the pool.  I’m blogging today’s entry while Jim is napping (I finished mine). 

The cabin doors are “heavy” and have a self closing mechanism (the norm).  The problem is that they will slam if you let go of them.  On day 6 or so, the cabin next to us hasn’t figured this out and continually lets the door slam.  That’s what ended my nap.

Specialty restaurant 3 of 3, Murano, a French restaurant, was the “fanciest” of the 3 restaurants we’ve dined in.  Unfortunately, the menu featured a lot of animals I’m not particularly fond of munching on.  No worries, there were still delicious selections to be had. 

Our main course was Chateaubriand for two.  This was carved/served tableside.  Jim also wanted lobster so we ordered an additional entrée. I’m not a lobster fan but I do enjoy lobster bisque and some other lobster dishes.  I think it’s just that I don’t like lobster and drawn butter?  Anyway, the lobster was also prepared tableside with fresh ingredients in a frying pan before our eyes.  Impressive.  It was pretty good.

2013-08-28 020

Some funny things about the Murano: 

2013-08-28 017Above: Cold potato and leek soup.  It was served with a tiny demitasse-ish spoon and in something the size of a tea-light candle holder. Serving strange foods in weird ways makes it eccentric and costs more… I’m sure of it.

2013-08-28 019Above: After the waiter poured Jim some Diet Coke, he put the can into the chilled wine stand.  We laughed.

Tonight’s show was amazing.  Jugglers, hula-hoop tricks, silks, acrobats, dancing, aerial stuff, this show had it all and they were all so very good.  No photos or video were allowed.

Miscellaneous: Here’s a copy of the ship map:

Celebrity Solstice MapAbove: Click to enormousize.


  1. Ha ha, that waiter looks like he's had enough of people taking his picture. What kind of odd animals were they serving? The chef/owner at Passion8 worked several years on cruise ships, apparently it's a great way to learn a lot of very different (and obviously fancy) foods.

    1. Dover Sole Véronique, not a fish person. Potato-Laced French Turbot, another fish. Another fish listed as well as duck, lamb, venison and I'm wishy washy on veal.

    2. I'm not a fish person either, but I can sure tear into some nice juicy duck!


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