5-13-13 Monday (COD)

concertWith my lending authority comes Saturday rotations.  One a month.  I also pulled regular overtime throughout the week so I ended with 11 point something in overtime hours.  I love my job but prefer not to do Saturdays.  On Saturday night Jim and our friend Angie went to Columbia for a Kenny Chesney concert.  I don’t like country and I don’t like concerts.  After work, Jim and I grabbed some lunch before he and Angie hit the road.  I went on to do the grocery shopping and buy another Roomba at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  20% off coupon and a bunch of Discover card points we redeemed kept the out of pocket expense to a minimum. 

Jim said he and Angie enjoyed the concert.  They wanted $60 to park.  They found some parking at a Shriners place for $20.  Shit like that makes me mad. 

Forward a week later and I’m now continuing this blog post from Fort Myers, FL.  I have not one photo as proof.  You’ll have to trust me.

ReceiptI took Friday off of work.  I went to the podiatrist in the morning to have some foot pain looked at.  I was told to wear inserts I have from 2004 or at least generic inserts or he can customer make new orthotics.  I was kinda impressed with his honesty.  I saw the kit used to made customer orthotics in his office and he didn’t push them on me.  The office was pretty old and antiquated.  I don’t even think I saw a computer there.  When I checked out, the receptionist said the copay was $25.  I asked if they took Discover.  She said “cash or check only.”  I said, “I wish I would have known that, since I don’t have much cash.”  She went onto say how she told me, she tells everyone.  I told her she didn’t, she said she wasn’t going to argue.  I gave her $19 of the $25 told her to bill me and left with a crappy receipt out of one of those Office Depot generic receipt books.  I was mad.  I was particularly mad when I had that moment of “I wish I would have said…”  I would have said, “I think I’d remember if you told me something so rare as “I only take checks or cash.”  That’s No credit cardsshocking to me.  I’d remember that.  I also wish I would have said “you already did” when she said she wasn’t going to argue with me.  I had decided I’d be writing a $6 check and a personal note to the doctor and I’d say this and I’d say that but after cooling down, I’m not sure I’ll bother.  But I do think her reply should have been, “I’m sorry, I say it all the time maybe I let one slip by.  Let’s resolve this.” 

I spent the remainder of the day vacuuming, mopping, dusting, etc.  Angie was coming to spend the weekend caring for Dasher.  Jim worked a half day.

imagesWe flew out Friday evening out of Greenville, SC.  Jim got a hell of a deal. $230 roundtrip for 2 of us. We had to drive 1.5 hours to Greenville but it was worth it.  We paid like $13 each to pick our seats for an emergency row.  It was only an hour and half flight but the leg room was nice.  There was some unnerving turbulence and a rough landing but otherwise OK. 

We landed in Punta Gorda and went to the Budget Rental car line.  It was a short line compared to Enterprise and the others.  It was already 10pm.  Even though I paid via Priceline I was told I had to pay $12 for taxes/fees that weren’t covered.  We didn’t argue but we will. 

We met up at Perkins with Mike, Dave and David.  We had a short yet great visit.  We Pricelined a one night stay at the same hotel we were in last month.  This time we weren’t in a 2 bedroom suite but that’s just fine.  The other 2 nights we stayed with Jim’s mom and Morgan.  It was a low key weekend.  Jim visited his Dad and Julie on Saturday and visited with his Mom on Sunday.  I spent Saturday and Sunday with my Mom and Dad as well as seeing my cousin and Aunt. 

It was a short visit but it was a good one.

Pets from the trip:

IMG_1493Above: Jim and Rusty

IMG_1482Above: Cookie

IMG_1486Above: Oreo laying on a pile of cat toys.


Above/Below: I can’t remember my Mom’s bird’s names.


A couple of inflight photos:

IMG_1501Above: No stretchy pouches!  That made it very annoying not to be able to store drink bottles or trash!

IMG_1496Above: Jim admires the engine and is pretty sure in the event of an emergency, we’ll go quick.

IMG_1499Above: Just making sure there’s no one out on the wing.



  1. You sound really edgy, mon ami. Too much caffeine?

  2. I'm tired of price gouging and misrepresentation. :-)

    1. You are an excellent consumer advocate, Mr. Atherton. May I once again suggest Provincetown/Cape Cod for your next vacation? PLEASE????

  3. You cracked me up with your two last photo's. LOL MikeInDallas


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