12-7-12 Friday (Calendar Predictions)

This post is one of those “I haven’t posted in a while so I should” sorta of things.  It’s just that I really didn’t have enough material to pull together a post, so I didn’t.  I’m not really sure that I do now except for fragments but then again, most of my posts are fragments.  It’s rarely ever one subject but rather multiple. 

I’ve complained many-a-time about the Jeep’s brakes and the ineffective repairs made by Monro Muffler and Brake.  In September I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

Monro 9-4-12

I never received a response from Monro.  Let me put my surprised face on.  I decided to visit their Facebook page and posted:

Monro 12-5-12

What a bullshit response from them. 

Monro 12-5-12

The reason for their “F” grade at the BBB:

F Reason

One might say, “hey, they’re a big company and they probably get a lot of complaints from all over the country.”  Let’s compare Tire Kingdom then.  They’re MUCH larger than Monro and they managed to land a B- rating.

Tire Kingdom BBB

Anyway, I emailed Monro customer service as asked and never got a response.  Where’s that surprised face?

So the whole Mayan world ending on 12-21-12 calendar thing…  First of all there’s tons of humorous comics about it here.  Second of all, it’s on a Friday and if my company decides to have a fire drill on that day, I’ll flip out.  If you’ve been reading the blog for over a year, you may remember that we had a fire drill during the day of the “Rapture”.  Nothing says “holy shit” like having some forecasted disaster date accompanied by blaring alarms and flashing lights while working.  Wish me luck.

Speaking of work, I’ve got several applications in for new positions.  Please send über positive vibes!  There’s 3 different ones in particular that I’m super interested in.  I’m hoping to land interviews.  Usually it’s with the recruiter first and then the hiring manager.  I’m assuming I didn’t get that other job I applied for.  Maybe it was the snot?  Anyway, the job site at work shows current, withdrawn, and declined applications.  The posting is probably closed but my application is still active.  So, have they not made up their mind?  Did they decide 2 weeks ago but no one has decided to click the magical button that declines me?

Plans this weekend?  Decorate for Christmas.  Oy.


  1. I'm just thinking if the world bites the bullet on 12/21, wooohooo, no having to pay the mortgage in January!

    I will have Mojo sleep with his head facing south to send you positive new job vibes. :)


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