12-29-12 Saturday (Here We Are!)

Here I am!  I know it’s been a while.  Weekends haven’t been very exciting.  So what’s happening?

2012-12-25 077

Ski PoleChristmas was great. Jim’s Mom and Morgan came to our house shortly after Christmas and spent a few days with us.  One night we went to Zootastic to drive through their Christmas light display.  It wasn’t very good.  Although they have over 2 million lights, most look like they were just thrown around into different trees.  I think in the future we’ll stick with going for the zoo itself.  We did park and enter the zoo area for a few minutes.  It was really cold and we weren’t quite dressed for it.  Jim fed a tiger some raw meat through the fence using what looked like ski pole.  Pretty ingenious.  The wide round base kept the pole from going too far past the chain link fence and possibly hurting the tiger.

We gave Ann and Morgan a gift inside of this prank box.  Have you seen these?  There’s so many to chose from and the boxes are hilarious.  Each end of the box has different pictures and lists all the great advantages to the product.  The item features will make you pee your pants.

2012-12-25 108

Jim had some minor surgery on 11-29-12 that required him to be out of work for 2-3 weeks for recovery.  I stayed home a few days as well.  That’s pretty much why I hadn’t been blogging.  Nothing to tell really since he couldn’t be active.  This paragraph was going to be the first paragraph to explain my absence but then I realized that when this posts on Facebook it will show a few lines of the blog and I didn’t want this to be the part that shows.  I imagine some, or a lot of people don’t read the blog so to see this info, they’ll have to be a “reader”.  So, excuse the out of order paragraph content. 

So, let’s catch up on all the miscellaneous non-cohesive photos I have to share:

2012-11-28 001

Above/Below: This year’s exciting purchase for our holiday décor.

2012-11-28 002

2012-12-03 007Above: Dasher sits with Jim through recovery.

IMG_1233Above/Below: We have 2 trees up.  The smaller one is our “Travel Ornament Tree”.  2012-12-08 010

2012-12-29 006Above: The “main” tree.

2012-11-26Above: At a NEW Chinese buffet in town.

2012-12-7Above: I looked every where on these coupons and couldn’t find a discard date but I managed to sneak them into the trash.  Also, who really calls these “coupons”?  They’re called tickets so why not print “keep this ticket” on them?

2012-12-29 002Above: What’s painting have to do with dog food?

That’s all I’ve got! 


  1. Glad you had a nice Christmas but sad to hear about Jim. Hope he is on the mend and feeling well. Dasher is so cute with his little nose on the keyboard !!!!
    Those prank boxes are very funny but I am to cheap to pay an additional $8 plus shipping.

    1. Well, they weren't nearly as much money at Target and Walmart. $4 each I think.


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