6-24-17 Saturday (I Will Call You George)

Hello there.  I don’t have much to report (I always say that and then it becomes my longest post to date).  Let’s see. 

It was my birthday yesterday (thank you, thank you).  So at work, my boss lady, Kathleen, gave me this:

2017-06-23 003

It’s cute so that’s why I took a pic of it.  It has candy in the bottom glass (she knows me).  I should remove this from my post and totally regift down the road.  BUT it’s too cute to do that.  I probably sounded like a Valley Girl when I said “too cute” so maybe restate that as “It’s cool” (voice deepens). 

Later in the day, the management team from my current project presented me with a Publix cake (yum), some coupons (joke… I think), a card and a dinosaur egg archeological dig thingy. 

2017-06-23 004

Yes, I worked on it while at work:


It wasn’t easy either!

FB_IMG_1498247279567Above:It’s a boy.  I named him George

Later that evening, Jessica, Cole, Ashley and Marc came over to celebrate my birthday with even more cake.  It was a great day!  We had this visitor:

eastern eyed click beetle

No, those aren’t really eyes.  Ashley posted it to Facebook to ask what the heck it was.  It’s an eastern eyed click beetle.  Jim put it over the fence and we assume it lived another day. 

In other news, we sold our Jeep today.  Here’s Jim and the new owner hooking it up to his pickup to tow back to Virginia.

2017-06-24 012

It was a 2000 Cherokee, with 127k miles on it.  We bought it in 2008 with 71k on it to town behind our motorhome.

2008-08-19 LJ Jeep

2008-09-24 WY Buffalo Bill Dam 2

2008-11-17 UT Bonneville 19

It was strange to sell it.  It had been to a variety of places including Colorado’s Pike’s Peak and Spago of Beverly Hills.  (Click here to see our Spago post).  It’s been everywhere we went.  We don’t need it.  I’ve been pushing Jim for several years to T Let It Go, Let It Go T but he held on.  Now that we have the 4 wheel drive Santa Fe, he feels more comfortable about having something that can handle the few inches of snow we get once a year (if that).  Sigh.  Now we’ll save on maintenance, state inspections, registration, and insurance. 

The cool part though is that the new owner and his wife bought a 97 Monaco motorhome and will be pulling the Jeep behind it to do pretty much the same thing we did.  The benefit for him though is he’s retired.  I was so excited for him.  I hope they’ll blog about their travels.  They’ve made, as he put it, several maiden voyages, to try things out.

How am I doing on time?

2017-06-24 009

OK, OK.  2 more photos:

2017-06-20 001Above: Backyard Bunny.

2017-06-23 002Above: Yeah, prestige is the first word I think of when I see this car.

Here’s a close-up on some of the finer details.

2017-06-23 002

2017-06-23 002

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