5-17-17 Thru 5-19-17 (More Vacation Left Overs)

I’m a bad blogger.  I just realized that I never finished blogging about our Hawaiian trip.  Yeah, I finished about Hawaii itself but didn’t finish about Vancouver.   Here it goes: Jim used our introductory Hilton credit card points to stay at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown in an area known as Burnby.  It was an nice hotel within 2 blocks from a very large mall.  The only problem with the area is it wasn’t in the true heart of Vancouver’s downtown so we didn’t get the benefit of all the cool restaurants within walking distance.  This particular hotel was in a Chinatown or at least a very Asian area.  Almost every non-mall restaurant was Asian cuisine. 

2017-05-18 014Above: View from the hotel room

We didn’t do very much while here.  We were still in Sloth mode from the cruise.  We did go to Stanley Park  to see the views and the nature trails/paths. 

Views from the park:

2017-05-17 007

2017-05-17 008

2017-05-17 009

2017-05-17 010

A couple of critters we encountered on the paths:

2017-05-17 011

2017-05-17 012

A strange art installation somewhere in Vancouver.  I later looked it up on Google.

2017-05-18 013Above: “Trans Am Totem

2017-05-19 015Above: Our awesome return flight First Class dinner.  Look at those cute little salt/pepper shakers.  The flight attendant told us it was all a brand new design and this was the first flight she had ever seen it.

The End


  1. An ice hotel? Very nice pics as usual but that snail like thing, ugh.

    1. Thanks... I fixed it. That snail was cool though.


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