9-13-15 (Incestuous Oreos)

This post is more pictures than text.  That means it will be more interesting than reading about our lives.  Fun stuff!  Go on, take a peek.

forsaleWe’ve decided to sell the RV in Augusta.  There’s several reasons.  None of which are substantial on their own.  1) It’s expensive.  We pay for gas to/from, RV insurance, site rental and an RV loan payment.  With the money we save each month, we can do some awesome vacations.  2) It’s tedious.  Almost 3 hours each way.  3) We’ve been doing this since 7/2012.  We’d like to do something different.  4) Jim and I will both have some Saturday work requirements which limit the weekend trips.

So there you have it.  I’ve set up a link at the top of the blog “2009 Gulf Stream Mako 33FSBI” with pictures of the RV.  I use it to give perspective buyers a glimpse at the RV interior.   We’re selling it with the golf cart, housewares, lawnmower, etc.  If we don’t sell it within the campground then we’ll consign it at the same place that sold our 97 Fleetwood for us. 

Now it’s time for fun photos I’ve accumulated on my phone.

2015-09-17 002Above: Meanwhile at the Walmart.  I asked this woman about the reptile on her shoulder and what made this even better is that she replied, “Yeah, he likes to get out from time to time.”  Uh huh.

2015-07-19 008

Above/below: A few weeks ago we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and stumbled on a couple at a scenic overlook sitting at a picnic bench with their 2 pigmy goats.

2015-07-19 010Above: This one was chewing Jim’s shirt.

2015-08-15 013

Above/below: Nice going K-Mart.

2015-08-15 014

2015-08-31 015Above: Don’t you love the way the doctor’s office used the same color paper, cut out a square and covered the word “and”?  It must have been terribly difficult to print a new sign. 

2015-09-12 016Above: Look!  It’s Josie and The Pussy Cats! (Mom and daughter are wearing ears).

2015-09-15 001Above: Isn’t cookies and crème ground up Oreos?  Is this like cannibalism?  My friend Michelle said it was incest.  Amy said Cookie-ception.  Others just stated “yum” or the like.

There’s still more fun photos on the way… keep reading…

In the past couple of months we’ve replaced 2 other things in the RV.  The TV in the living room died.  I researched online and found where we could solder in new diodes onto the circuit board for really cheap.  Naturally Jim took it apart and we assessed the situation and then went and bought a new TV.  It just looked too complicated.  The new TV screen in the same size but the TV itself is a little smaller.  I guess less casing?

A week or too later, the microwave went on the fritz.  It’s been an issue for  months and months that it turns on itself so we bought a switch. 


It was a great, cheap, solution.  We’d simply reach into the cabinet next to the microwave and flip the switch on or off as appropriate.  Internet research (I love the internet for solutions) cited a common problem whereas the keypad shorts out.  In my case, it would depress the 1 key on it’s own which = quick 1 minute instant start.  The first time this happened it freaked me out.  I was watching TV and the microwave entered 1 minute and started.  Can you imagine?  So anyway, a few weeks ago we couldn’t get the keypad to work unless we “punched” it.  Oy.  So we replaced that as well.

I think I’m realizing I don’t have the best of luck with appliances and electronics.  The digital picture frame in our kitchen would power off on it’s own.  When I unplugged it, the plug itself was VERY hot.  Luckily, I found a replacement cord on Amazon.  I thought for sure I’d have to buy a new frame.

I also bought both Jim and I new laptops.  Jim’s laptop was slow so I redid it and it worked great except I couldn’t get the “tap to click” to turn off.  It was shaded out.  I researched over and over and couldn’t find a solution.  New driver.  New software.  Nothing would fix it.  My laptop was slow as crap even after I completely wiped it out.  They were both several years old so it was just time. 

OK, so I order a lot of stuff from Amazon.  Unfortunately, some are from China.  Fortunately, the packaging is always quite amusing.  Here’s 2 I scanned for your reading enjoyment of Engrish.  The first up is a backup power failure auto night light/flashlight.  Don’t worry, I’ll blow up the writing. 

Backup light

Backup light

Backup light

Next up is a rubber non-slip mat cell phone holder for the dash of the car.  I’ll break it up for you:

Phone holder

Phone holder

Phone holder

Phone holder

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  1. Same reasons we sold our RV last year. They are expensive toys.


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