7-6-15 to 7-12-15 (Fun Days)

DixieWe went to see Dixie Longate (as in dicks elongate) in uptown Charlotte on Wednesday.  We’ve seen her before on a cruise many years ago.  She was a hoot.  We recommended her show to my work wife, Jessica and her husband Cole.  They were game to see her, so off the 4 of us went.  There were so many hysterical zingers in this show, I had tears. 

She’s a he who is in drag and actually sells Tupperware.  That’s right.  During her show, she’ll demonstrate the product, give humorous alternate uses and provide you with it’s item number.  Theater goers are provided with a program, order sheet and Tupperware catalog.  She can be raunchy, which for me, makes it all the more fun.

 2015-07-08 003Above: Jessica, Dixie, Garret


Rant about nothing of importance:

I’m not sure what prompted me to think of this but I wonder about our modern technology and how we seem to be going backwards in media at times.  What I’m talking about is CD’s and DVD’s.  Their fragile.  They scratch.  They get dirty.  Remember the 3 1/2 floppies?  They had a protective sleeve.  A built-in case I suppose. 


Why hasn’t this all switched to something more 3 1/2 inch floppyish or media cards? 


So now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, now what?


Last week in the RV =

2015-07-04 001Above: Pretty elaborate breakfast for an RV huh?  It was yummy.


We have a cruise booked for Hawaii in 2017.  We just booked one for January 2016.  It will be our 8th cruise.  Hawaii will be our 9th.  Anyway, we booked it with some friends.  I’ll publish their names once I make sure they’re OK with that.  It will be the 4 of us thus far.  This will be their first cruise and our first time on Carnival. 


It will also be our first time to Belize and Mahogany Bay.  The cabin we selected is very unique.  It has 2 windows in it. 

CL_VA_6A_OceanView_T_2477_FL jpg

Research on-line shows this cabin area gets a vibration and is noisy when the ship maneuvers into a port.  What the heck.  We’ll give it a try.

Boring entry…  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


  1. It is okay if you use our name, oh wait, we aren't going. :>(
    Did you buy any Tupperware?

    1. No, we didn't buy anything. We might get the meat marinator.


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