6-22-15 to 7-5-15 (Transporting Heirlooms)

logocalendar-3Tuesday was my birthday (6/23 – mark that shit on your calendar!) so Jim took me out to Melting Pot to celebrate.  We had a cheese fondue, salad, small plates and chocolate fondue.  It was all wonderful.  Yum!

Nothing exciting this week at work to report.

Sam’s had a laptop on sale that seemed decent enough for me.  I’m so tired of my existing laptop.  It gets so slow at times.  I’ve run all sorts of cleaners and such but it only works for a few days at a time.  I realize there’s an obvious program culprit in the midst but sometimes these things just need reformatted and reinstalled.  I had to do that to Jim’s month’s ago and it’s been great for him.  My laptop is the main one that houses all our MP3, docs, videos, and tons and tons and yeah, tons of photos.  I back up all my docs using Carbonite (an online cloud type program) and have just regretted redoing the system.  This time I just decided on a new computer.  It will take days for Carbonite to restore all my docs and such.

data storage

The file restore took several days.  An unfortunate quirk of Carbonite (as a confirmed online) is that it wasn’t great at letting me know the restore status.  Many times it didn’t look like it was doing anything.  Very annoying. 

I’ve found a use for my old laptop.  We’ll use it in the RV for entertainment.  It’s got a VGA port so I bought a VGA to HDMI converter and it works great.  I can plug the laptop into the RV surround sound system.  I already have a “remote” that uses the mouse.   I use EasyTether (the best program ever) to get an internet connection via USB and then the new laptop gets a connection from the same phone via Bluetooth.  It’s awesome!  That all combined with a one time fee of $10 for EasyTether AND unlimited data with Verizon AND Netflix AND Amazon Video make this an extra awesome setup. 

Don't get upbe on timeOn 7/1/15, a Wednesday, we went to see our first musical, Mamma Mia!  Yep, you read that right.  Neither of us have ever went to a musical.  It was OK but the venue was lacking.  It was at the Knight Theater in Uptown Charlotte.  We had nose bleed seats which were fine but the seats themselves were very tight/cramped.  During the second act it became warm in there.  Also people are annoying.  A few things.  I always though that once the show started, they wouldn’t let you in?  For the first 15 minutes of the show, late stragglers were being seated.  I call that selfish.  You ruin my experience so as not to ruin yours?  The next issue is that the program guide didn’t mention intermission but we asked an usher.  “66 minutes into the show.” we were told.  cameraWhy not publish that?  At least 2 people in our area, 1 of which was in our row (we had to get up), needed to use the restroom 30 minutes into the show.  Really?  C’mon idiots.  Then there were the 5 middle-aged woman in front of us.  2 had opera type binoculars.  All 5 of them spoke a little more frequently than I would have liked.  One took out her phone and filmed 15 seconds of one of the numbers.  That was against the rules and the screen light from phones is very distracting.  Maybe we’ll do another show sometime.

OK, so here’s what’s on my camera:

2015-05-02 004Above: Jim and I often find that furniture transported via pickup truck is usually fugly.

2015-05-02 005Above: I backed the golf cart into our neighbor’s pot several weekends ago.  Sorry Bob.  Sorry Warren.

2015-06-01 009Above: Along with huge air filled bubble plastic thingies, this box was sadly under-packed.  What a waste.

2015-06-06 001

Above/Below: Jim saved a turtle crossing our street.

2015-06-06 002

We spent the Fourth of July weekend in Augusta.  We were somewhat anti-social.  We just stayed inside most of the time, surfing the internet, watching Netflix “Everybody Loves Raymond” (so funny), a little pool time, some grocery shopping at that’s about all.  I never even saw fireworks.  It was just relaxing.

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