1-8-14 Wednesday (Guess What Day It Is)

Christmas day was nice.  Beth and her family hosted.  We had appetizers galore followed by beef filets on the grill.  Yummy.  We had a great time.

The day after Christmas, William and Craig, friends from Michigan, stopped at our house for the night, en route to Florida.  With them, their German foreign exchange student and his friend, made for 4.  They arrived late evening, we chit chatted for a few and then went out to Intermezzo, a Serbian restaurant.  Unfortunately they departed fairly early the following morning.  They did manage to stay long enough for pumpkin waffles and sausage though.  All in all, other than Facebook contact, we haven’t since them in over 10 years.  It was a nice visit!

New Years Eve was spent with friends at Beth’s house.  It was appetizers galore.  Everyone brought something.  It doesn’t feel quite as fattening when I’m grazing on bite sized foods.

terminatorTNSo, a couple of months ago I explained what Jim’s employer does.  Jim works for A but underwrites for B based on contracts.  Several times, we’ve had a scare where company B’s contract expires and they don’t renew.  This leaves Jim without work.  Typically when they know a new contract is coming up, they keep him on until it’s ready to go.  This time, there were no upcoming contracts and Jim was terminated.  They kept him on the books for a few weeks as a form of severance.  It’s been a scary few weeks. He’s job hunting.

Back pain update: I went for my MRI Thursday 1/2.  They actually did it in the evening. It was a seated MRI.  Sounds easy right?  Well after 20 minutes, my back felt like it was on fire from the pain.  It was hard to sit still but I did it.

MRI machineAbove: That’s not me in the photo.  It may not even be a real patient.  It could be a model or perhaps a struggling actress (or I think it’s politically correct to call male and females actors) from Hollywood.  California, not Florida.

The following Monday (1/6) week I gave my chiropractor the disk with all of the images.  On Wednesday’s appointment, they hadn’t received the MRI reading report but my chiropractor was able to interpret some of it for now.  I have a bulging disc.  The photo below is my actual MRI.  MRI Lumbar Lateral 01-02-14 - Edited

She feels that it can be treated without surgery using some device, the DRS Protocol.  The machine link is from my chiropractor’s website.

DRS Protocol

I actually see 2 chiropractors, husband and wife team.  Her name is Dr. Pepper.  Really.  She’s the cutest size zero (I saw the tag on her lab coat).  He’s Dr. Wolf.  They’re a 5 minute walk within my job’s complex.  Nice and convenient.   They both think I need to lose this gut.  Yeah, working on it.  Since October, I’m down 15 pounds.  I also need to strengthen my core.  I’ve been told to do planks and some other exercises.

The chiro emailed me the report, here’s a blip of it:


It’s pretty much what she saw already.  We’ll go over the results on Monday’s appointment.

On a lighter note, here’s a Christmas card we received from our Augusta friend, Paul and Jeff.  It’s fit Jim and I (more Jim) perfectly and is hilarious.

Christmas Card

In other news, we received these in the mail. Great marketing carried over from TV to print.

Geico Camel


  1. And now I'm on a mission to find a Serbian restaurant. The menu looks delish! And I want crepes.

  2. I just started doing planks a couple of weeks ago. I do them every other day...always allow a recovery day in between. They are the simplest exercise to do ever as far as the mechanics are concerned. But WOW are they ever killer! Keep working on those and I guarantee you will strengthen your core no problem.

  3. Sorry to hear about Jim's job. The bank I work for has some sort of mortgage processing center in Charlette - https://www.usbank.com/careers/

    1. Thanks Derek, he actually got a job where I work. I didn't want to post about him losing his job until he found another, hence the lag in a post.

  4. Brenda, thanks for the tip. They appear so easy and I really need to start doign them!


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