3-8-13 Friday (Guest Bedroom Décor?)

ExperienceTraining ended last Friday.  Computers weren’t hooked up and ready for us until Thursday late afternoon.  For the 4 days we just worked in the training room which was fine.  One of the facilitators stayed in the room with us to assist when needed.  There was a lot of assisting going on.  It’s not that we’re all (just some) dumbasses, it’s just that every file tends to be so unique until we gain experience. 

I checked the Alaskan cruise prices again and our booked trip went up another $100.  That’s $300 per person higher than when we booked.  We’re locked into the lower rate but it’s certainly interesting to see it go up.  I’m glad we booked early.  I can’t wait to share with you the excursions we booked.  I don’t want to bother yet since we’re not sure which cruise we’ll be on.  I plan to make the post somewhat color coded so less interested readers can skip over me gloating about how great this or that will be.

Jim’s company hosted a cocktail party in Uptown Charlotte Friday night. 

Attire: Cocktail - ladies are encouraged to wear cocktail dresses, and gentlemen are encouraged
to wear coats and ties (please, no denim)
What: Cocktail party; drinks, appetizers, and desserts will be served

2013-03-08 004

2013-03-08 009

The event took place in Founder’s Hall which was a strange venue since it’s kind of like a mall.  It’s attached to a performing arts hall too but still.  Free booze, free appetizers.  The band was awesome.

I have to catch up with some pictures I’ve had in my camera and on my phone:

2013-02-07 020Above: This was wedged in so tight.  I couldn’t get the box past the mailbox’s curled edge.  On the inside of the box, the edge isn’t curled but rather had a lip.  I had to crush the box inside to get it through.  The post office never ceases to amaze me. 

2013-02-24 002Above: Some how, when we weren’t home, the huge yellow container of laundry detergent fell and splashed everywhere.  Apparently the bottom of it sank in on the edge of the shelf and caused it to slip off.  I’ve since added grippy shelf liner under it.We had to move the washer/dryer around to clean up the mess.  As much as I cleaned the wall, it’s stained.  Another project for another day.

2013-02-25 003Above: The view from my desk.

G-2013-03-03 001Above/Below: There’s a spelling error on the label. “Mechine washable”.  That’s not even why I took a photo.  These were being sold… or perhaps “offered for sale” at the flea market last week.  I sure hope they didn’t sell.  These are hideous.  The best part?  They’re reversible so you get two hideous patterns in one!  A bargain!  G-2013-03-03 002


  1. So is that flea market blanket your guest bedroom decor? When am I invited??? :)

    1. LOL. Hell yeah you can come, hell no on the blanket.


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