1-6-13 Sunday (Tomatoes And Bacon For All)

Jim’s mom is so “gift considerate”.  She always seems to pick out things we’ve mentioned, hinted on, or she knows for a fact that we like.  For example, we LOVE her oatmeal raisin cookies and peanut butter cookies.  She gave us each a Christmas pail filled with the recipe, and dry ingredients premeasured.  We made these shortly after Christmas…

2012-12-29 003

2012-12-29 004

She also gave us a bird seed wreath.  She knows we love the wildlife but we didn’t even have a feeder.  Just while she was here, we counted 8 beautiful male Cardinals in the backyard at one time.  We hung up the wreath, the birds never found it before it melted in the rain a week later.  The seed was on the ground though so they’ve been enjoying it that way.  We decided to buy a cheap feeder and bird seed while grocery shopping Saturday.  We’re gonna give this a try.

Restaurant Week is approaching and we have made reservations for 3 restaurants.  Stay tuned at the end of the month while Jim and I eat like royalty for 3 days.

Speaking of food, on Saturday, Jim and I went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for dinner.  We love their burgers and never have issues there until now.  Nothing major, just stupidity I guess.  I order then Jim orders.  2 different orders.  One with tomatoes and bacon, one with mushrooms and onions.  We end up with 2 of my burgers.  It’s 9pm and we are the only ones there.  How hard can it be? Jim brings it up to the counter with the receipt.  They tell him that I have his burger.  He assures them that I have bacon, tomato and mayo as ordered.  They say they’ll fix it and we sit down.  It takes forever.  I guess they decided to make the whole thing over.  He would have been happy with them removing the tomato and bacon and adding the onions and mushrooms.  I finished my burger and she comes out with his.  It’s the same exact combination AGAIN.  I wanted to ask her in a wonderfully condescending tone, “what’s wrong with you?” but she was a sweet girl, apparently just a space cadet.  Jim calls her back and she apologizes and is ready to take the burger.  Jim says, can I just get the grilled mushrooms and onions and I’ll add it to my burger?  Wowsers.

I found a few photos I had taken the other day but forgot to post (I posted them on Facebook):

2012-12-30 02Above: At a Staples.  What’s with her hair?

2012-12-30 03Above: At a Chinese restaurant.  They left the assembly tags (the 2) on their tree and decorated around them.  Did they think it was supposed to stay on there?


  1. I did those cookie ingredient jars for my nephew one Christmas. He loved them, and saved one to make with me when I visited. I wouldn't bother with a "cheap" bird feeder; they'll just let water in and cake up the seed so cleaning it and filling it will be a pain. Spend a little more and make sure it'll keep the really big birds out--they can empty a feeder in 15 minutes.

    People like that pink-clad lady always make me wonder at what kind of culture they live in that makes them think that's cool??

    1. Too late... I already got the cheap feeder. No birds have went to it yet. Maybe it's too cheap for their liking.

      Never mind the outfit, that hair!

  2. The assembly tags left on make it easier to return to Walmart....

    1. Good point except Walmart won't take it back after Christmas.


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