1-27-13 Sunday (Heavy Duty Condiments)

Miscellaneous crap:

Work/training is going well.  It’s a cyclone of information and trust me, my head is already spinning.  The trainers all assure us that even after class we’ll most likely feel lost.  I know that might seem discouraging but I like the honestly in them saying “this is some tough material to learn and it will take some time.” 


There I was, sittin’ on the toilet, flipping through Reader’s Digest when I came upon one of those Reader’s Digest reader information cards for… Alaska.  See, it was written in the stars; it’s destiny.  Or perhaps just coincidence.  Instead of filling out the card, I signed up online. (Sorry Craig, I know you always ask us to save the postal system by using them).  I ordered “Alaska for Dummies” for $15 and plan to research other resources such as cruisecritic.com.  Cruisecritic is an awesome site.  It’s editor’s reviews of ships, ports, etc as well as member reviews about ports, ships, entertainment, food, cabins, etc. 


Back in July I bought a BladeBuddy via halfoffdepot.com.  It allows you to keep disposable razor blades sharpened.  Before using my razor I simply run the blade over a pad about 25 times and then shave.  I recently realized I’ve have been using the same Mach3 razor blade since August.  Impressive. I may just change it out for the hell of it.


Recently, Jim’s job provided a laptop for him to be able to work from home.  The rule of thumb is that it is used for overtime or weekends, not to never come into the office.  Even with the restriction, it’s a nice perk.  He used it Saturday for a few hours. 


Saturday night, Ruby (friend and travel agent) came over and we discussed cruises.  We put a deposit down on 3 cruises.  Our first and second choice cruises take place during part of a holiday.  I’m not sure if I can take time off yet.  I can’t put in a time off request until March.  It was best to secure a cabin at what seems like low prices right now.  The deposits are fully refundable at least 90 days before sail date.  Here’s what we have:

First choice and second choice (different dates/prices) – Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas:


Second choice – Celebrity Solstice:


Celebrity is the higher end line of Royal Caribbean.  They accept bonus points that Jim has been earning for extra production from his job.  Each one of the three we booked has pros and cons.

Ruby, Jamie, Jim and I went out for dinner at a hibachi place called Ishi’s.  I went to the restroom and spotted this in the corner:


Relax, it was empty and being used as a wonderfully tacky trashcan.  Perhaps that’s considering recycling?  Anyway, what amused me was the “heavy duty mayonnaise”.  Heavy duty?  That’s just weird.  It would almost make sense if we were throwing “light mayo” into the loop although in that case light means in the calorie sense.  So does anyone know what heavy duty mayo is? 


Friday we had an ice storm.  We closed our facility at 3pm.  My car was entombed in ice; freezing rain was not our friend. 

2013-01-25 0022013-01-25 001

I was able to get home safely and luckily it didn’t take much longer than usual. 


  1. Didn't read the post yet but had to say...

    Huh huh. You said "duty."

  2. I worked at the same location as an underwriting department for small business loans for a year in Milwaukee. The amount of paperwork and special knowledge they needed to get thorugh everything was crazy. Sharing a copy machine with them was not a fun experience. I learned to physically stay away from the copy machine if an underwriter was standing by it.... drama would go down if someone took their print-outs... :)

    1. Luckily, everything is paperless but just as complex.


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