9-21-12 Friday (Speech! Speech! Speech!)

Monday I awoke to barely a voice again.  I went to my primary care physician at about 8am and the receptionist  said he wasn’t able to see me until late morning.  I asked a few questions about where else I could go and then she offered to check on something out.  When she returned I was told that he’d be able to see me in about 20 minutes.  Score!

I was checked out, supplied with a doctor’s note stating to limit my talking, and given to prescriptions which they called into Rite-Aid for me.  Prednisone (steroid) and Azithromycin (antibiotic).  I picked up my scripts, and went into work where I presented my doctor’s note to a supervisor.  I hoped they wouldn’t send me home.  She sent me to help out in the training room.  This time I was going to limit my vocal interaction.

I was reviewing my doctor’s note and spotted “bronchitis/laryngitis” on it.  I reviewed my walk out form and it said “bronchitis”.  Now thinking about it, the doctor never actually told me what I had.  Oh well, despite the conflicts of what I was told or wasn’t told, I’m recovered.

On Tuesday I spent the day in the training class.  My voice was definitely better.  The training class is in their last week before they go “live”.  I do enjoy helping out in there.

Jim came home to a dog hanging out at our front door.  No tags.  The dog was very friendly and cute so he put him into the backyard and covered the back door window from Dasher’s view.  Not knowing anything about this stray, we wanted to be sure both remained safe.  It had been raining all day and this dog looked very well groomed so he couldn’t have been out and about long.  Jim went around the neighborhood asking neighbors if they knew who’s dog it was.  He put a sign out in the front yard saying “found dog”.  I took a photo and emailed it to the neighborhood watch email list.  We then took it to Petsmart to have it scanned for a chip.  No luck.  On the way back into the neighborhood we spotted some people who looked as if they were searching for a dog.  The dog, so well behaved, spotted the owners and went nuts.  Turns out his name is Dega.


On Wednesday I was back to the grind, aka back on the phones.  My voice was 95% and fine to me.  Grandma departed this morning.  I went to the dentist to have my last crown installed and am so thrilled to have all that dental stuff done.  I’ve had somewhat of a loose front tooth for a while now that we’re (me and the dentist) are hoping will get better with all the treatments.  If not I’ll need a bone something or graft something or some other gruesome oral surgery that I’m totally freaked out about.  My gums and teeth have gotten so much better but it may not be enough.


The Jeep’s brake saga has slowed down a bit.  Monro never responded to my Better Business Bureau complaint.  It will count against them but perhaps they don’t care?  Maybe they missed their contact attempts?  So, I’ll need to call Monro corporate I suppose.  I guess I’ll handle that next week maybe. 

My Mom and Aunt arrive Saturday from Florida!


  1. Awwww, Garret, that is SO fortunate Dega showed up at your door rather than that of someone who would have shoo'ed him away or called animal control to come get him. How great that you & Jim took care of him (without offending Dasher) and went the extra mile to see if he had a chip and stuff. You must have been so happy when he & his parents saw each other! Good Karma, mon ami.

    1. And they damned well better have driven straight back to Petsmart to get him a collar and make him some tags!!!!

    2. She said he didn't have a collar because it grabs and tangles his fur. He probably doesn't usually run off based on how well behaved he was. I still think it's worth some sort of collar or tags or chip or something.


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